09 March 2011

A little mushy

I'm gonna be a little mushy.
Prepare yourselves ;)

I basically have an amazing husband.
He's such a sweetheart,
and I truly am the luckiest girl around.
I know I talk about him a lot,
which I think is fine seeing as we're married and all.

Quick tangent:
After I moved into our apartment,
I couldn't find my journal.
Now I don't write often in a journal BUT
it had all the notes and letters from Andrew
to me while we were dating,
and some from his mission!
I was devasted thinking that I had lost it.
I knew it was in the apartment somewhere
but couldn't find it.

Until today!!
After Andrew went to work,
I destroyed our closet looking for it,
(and things for our Disneyland trip)
and I found it in a box I had never unpacked!!


So back to my amazing husband,
while reading the old notes he wrote to me,
I realized that he's still just as cheesy,
and adorable,
and sweet to me as he always was.

Here's an example of what I mean:
"...but you inspired yet again,
and helped me write just what is true,
that through whatever strife or pain,
I always have and will love you."

He left that in the window of my car
on a day that we knew we wouldn't be able to see each other.

Thank goodness I found them!!
Plus I gotta keep them for my daughters one day,
they'll wanna see how cheesy their father was ;)
What have you found in your closet lately?
Or what does your husband/loved one do that you just love??


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