18 March 2011

In case you haven't noticed...

I like to change my background a lot....
I can never really seem to find one I absolutely love
so I just keep things interesting and change it up!
It also happens when I'm bored hahahaha

Now this new background I actually made myself!
Yeah I know!
Super impressive right?!

Now I'm so not taking all the credit cuz I didnt figure it out on my own.
I found this way easy tutorial
here and it helped direct me around.
SO now I've become obsessed!
I can change it like all the time and it's SOOO simple!

You can also create your own pattern and all sorts of things!
I love it so much! And you should all go check it out!
It's completely Google friendly,
and the lady over at the tutorial are super sweet,
and easy to understand!

P.S. Pictures soon to come from Spring Break!
Hope you all had a great week and weekend!



  1. Great background! Thanks for posting this! I'm excited to try my hand at my own background now.


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