22 March 2011

Heavy heart and prayers needed

My blogger friends,
I'm heavy-hearted as I write this.

Our family friend's 7 year old son is in the ICU
after suffering an AVM
(arterio venous malformation) on Sunday night.
It was completely unprecedented,
and devasting.

He's on life support, and it's not looking well.
There's a 30% chance of him even waking up.

Ethan is such a sweet boy,
please just keep him in your thoughts,
as well as his family.
He has an older brother, a younger sister,
and a baby sibling on the way.

Please.....he's basically one of my surrogate brothers,
all thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. Ethan and his family are all in my thoughts. I sincerely hope things get better.


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