30 March 2011

Guest Post 1!

I'm so excited to bring you the first guest post
I've ever had!!!
(other than when my sister-in-law jacked my computer

Meet Perla

Now technically I've known her
and her husband since junior high
(she married my friend's cousin)
but we've lately reconnected thanks to blogs and Facebook ;)

Now I'm gonna let her do most of the talking!
I asked her about how she and her husband met, her inspiration,
and how much she loves doing what she does ;)

Perla take it away:

Hi everyone!!
Chris and I met way back in junior high,
we both went to the same school,
and he even dated one of my friends way back then!
But we've been friends ever since.
In high school we hung out a few times,
but it was never anything serious.
In fact, I think he even had a little crush on me
back then but he'll never admit it :)
We went on a few dates in high school
but it wasn't the right time for anything huge to happen.

After high school Chris and I went our separate ways:
he worked and worked, and I just spent
all my time with my family,
and it was the best!
We started dating again after I had sent him a text asking him how he was.
(He had just gotten out of a long-term relationship,
but I was happy to hear he was single :) )

We texted back and forth and went on an official date
in May 2010 and we've been together ever since.
We were married in the Mesa Temple November 5, 2010.
I'm so in love with him,
he's a wonderful husband and I'm truly happy everyday.

I am also a photographer
My inspiration is good art, other people's photos,
my husband,
my love of the Savior
and the church to which I belongs to ;)

My rates are these:
$50 for an hour session
(including seniors, family less than 7 people, portraits)
$75 for engagement photos and family portraits with more then 7 people
(about 1-2 hours)
$75 per hour for weddings, bridals, receptions, and quinceaneras.
All include a disc of photos both edited and not,
I can also do a package of printed photos too.
You just need to let me know :)

I'm extrememly flexible with scheduling to make it less stressful on you,
especially for weddings and such :)

I'm also willing to travel if travel expenses are covered for me,
but I'm stationed in Arizona.

To contact me, here's my email:
perlis13 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Thanks Perla!!

You can find her photography blog here,
and for her fun life blog go here

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