08 March 2011

Getting to Know Me

I noticed I gained a couple followers over the past couple days
And welcome to all!

Seeing as I have gianed some new friends,
I thought I'd do a
"getting to know me" post.
Maybe a little cliche,
but oh well ;)

Ok so first:

I love my husband Andrew:

He is truly my all.
I post about him a lot, cuz he's kinda the best ;)
He served his mission in Argentina and loved it,
came home speaking Spanish although Mexicans
think it's funny cuz it's slightly different
He works at Best Buy in the same mall that I work at ;)

I'm the oldest of 3:

In the middle is my brother Nick,
currently serving a mission in Philly!
He's been out 6 months and he loves it!
My other brother, Trevor is an acting maniac!
He's been in a ton of shows,
and sings in his school choir.
They're both great little bros ;)

I am a Disney freak and worked at Disneyland
for 8 months last year, and
currently work at my local Disney Store:

The top picture is of all the people I did my
college internship there with,
it was awesome!
And the other one was taken after the park closed,
and after we got to tour
Fantasyland rides with no guests around,
pretty much amazing!

I love the beach:

My former roomie Morgan and I like to take crazy pictures
and this is one of my favorites ;)

I love old books:

I love the look, the smell, the plots.
They just don't make books like they used to.
Most of my favorites are European classics.

I am a huge Broadway freak:

I have seen every one of these shows but
Color Purple, Tarzan, and The Producers.
And some others that aren't on there
like Les Miserables, 39 Steps, South Pacific.
I grew up loving them thanks my parents and grandparents,
and I love going to shows!
I usually cry with the overture of like every show,
it's ridiculous hahahaha

My goal is to one day travel the world
with my husband:

Especially the European countries.
I wanna visit the Holocaust memorials too,
cuz I'm a big history freak.
At one point in my life,
I wanted to be a high school history teacher.
That has since gone away

My biggest goal is to be a mother someday.
Obviously I don't really have a picture of that
but I truly can't wait til Andrew and I are able to start our family.

I currently work at a school with kindergarteners.
ELD kinders too.
They are the cutest little things
and I love all 16 of them this year,
and 22 of last year ;)
They are the sweetest kids in the world,
I always get a
"Good morning Mrs. Ali!"
when I walk in and it just lights up my day ;)

Hope that gives you a little insight into my life
and whom you're dealing with when you read this ;)


  1. I love 39 Steps!!! Haha, best play I've seen. Reading your "getting to know me" every five seconds I shouted "OH ME TOO!" It's like looking in a mirror. :) I miss you so much and I hope our paths cross again someday soon!

  2. You have 16 kiddos? So jealous. I have 20 currently. We have 39 ELD Kinders total right now!

  3. found your blog through the shine project! totally love it!

  4. I stumbled on your blog from Ash Lemieux's at The Shine Project and I loved reading about you! My husband's brother served his mission in Argentina and my husband served his mission in Philly! So neat! Just wanted to say hi :)

  5. I just found your blog and it's so cute! I love that your ultimate goal is to be a mother! That's what I want someday too! And I can't wait for that day. :] {randeashby.blogspot.com}


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