31 March 2011

Getting close to the end!

Only 10 weeks left of school!

Now don't get me wrong,
I love my kids.
They are the cutest things on the planet,
even when they're crazy,
but I must say that I'm feeling very
burnt out.

I've been working with kids, in one way or another,
since I was 12.
Officially getting paid to do it when I was 16,
so that's 7 years overall.

It's just kinda getting old.

Does anyone else feel like that about their job?
It's not my kids, cuz I love them,
and they light up my life,
it's just the whole been doing this forever.
Well and this year at my school
has been very strange.
More drama, changes (both good and bad),
and people just being petty.

I mean, it's just the way of life but still,
sometimes I get tired of it all.

I'm just hoping to make it through these last 10 weeks
all in one piece hahahaha

I'll post some pictures soon of my new closets,
and our zoo field trip!


  1. I'm only counting 8 weeks. :) And thank heavens! I love my kiddos each individually, but as a class, they drive me nuts. I definitely need a fresh batch. :P

  2. Yep- I recently blogged about how I felt I was in the wrong career. I'm having a hard time of it lately and I think I'm just tired from it all. I have 2 weeks then 2weeks off for Easter so that is my next focal point to get too!!!

    Just stopping by from FTLOB!


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