21 March 2011

Disney project

Ok so I've been working on a project
since last year and this trip to Disneyland
helped me almost finish it.

When I first moved out to work at Disneyland,
they sold these park maps that are huge,
and have a ton of characters along the border,
and all the lands represented, etc.

So I've been getting signatures,
and now I am adding attraction pins to the map
and am gonna get it framed to hang up in the house ;)

So here's a picture without flash and with flash,
depending on which is easier to see ;)

And when we went, I wanted to get our silhouettes
cut out on Main Street.
I think they turned out really well don't you??

P.S. The middle frame was originally $200,
but I got it for $42!
It has pins in it from the park too ;)
I fell in love with it and Andrew let me purchase it.

It's now hanging in our bedroom,
and once the other map is framed it will be hung there too ;)

I can't wait for it to be finished!! ;)

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