11 March 2011

Cleaning out my closets

I realize that we've just moved in,
but man I didn't realize how much junk we had!!

Good grief!
I have 3 closets full of stuff!
And that's after Andrew and I had both
cleaned out our rooms at our parents' houses....
And for the record,
I was living out of my suitcase after I moved back from Cali,
cuz I didn't see any reason to unpack
when I was going to be moving again in a couple months.

So my goal after we get back from California
is to clean out our closets!
I'm posting pictures so I can get motivated to actually fix them!

First, the bedroom closet:

Doesn't look too bad at first, but now look:

Yeah I really need to reorganize it,
although it has helped to get the bedroom cleaner!
At least people can't completely see it hahahaha

The linen cloest:

This needs some serious rethinking....
it worked for awhile but now it needs some new love

The front room closet:

Yeah those are definitely most of the bags
from our wedding gifts!
I don't know what else to do with them except re-use them,
although most of my friends are now married,
and you can't really use a
"Getting Married!!" bag for a birthday gift hahahaha

The "pantry":

I have to keep my snowglobes in here because
I have no place to put them yet,
and they might have to stay in their boxes until we can afford
a house and then I get my own room hahahaha
well not really, I'll just be able to put up tons of shelves
around the house.
(out of child reach of course)

Anyone esle ready to do their spring cleaning??
Cuz you can feel free to come help me do mine hahaha ;)


1 comment:

  1. Thank you for doing this I need to do this too :)
    I am going to get on it and make it my goal for this spring to fix all of our closets and finish unpacking. I need to throw or give away so much stuff that we dont use.
    I wish I could have an extra day because its so hard when both of us work 50 hours.!
    You can do it girl and show us your progress

    Good luck


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