31 March 2011

Getting close to the end!

Only 10 weeks left of school!

Now don't get me wrong,
I love my kids.
They are the cutest things on the planet,
even when they're crazy,
but I must say that I'm feeling very
burnt out.

I've been working with kids, in one way or another,
since I was 12.
Officially getting paid to do it when I was 16,
so that's 7 years overall.

It's just kinda getting old.

Does anyone else feel like that about their job?
It's not my kids, cuz I love them,
and they light up my life,
it's just the whole been doing this forever.
Well and this year at my school
has been very strange.
More drama, changes (both good and bad),
and people just being petty.

I mean, it's just the way of life but still,
sometimes I get tired of it all.

I'm just hoping to make it through these last 10 weeks
all in one piece hahahaha

I'll post some pictures soon of my new closets,
and our zoo field trip!

30 March 2011

Guest Post 1!

I'm so excited to bring you the first guest post
I've ever had!!!
(other than when my sister-in-law jacked my computer

Meet Perla

Now technically I've known her
and her husband since junior high
(she married my friend's cousin)
but we've lately reconnected thanks to blogs and Facebook ;)

Now I'm gonna let her do most of the talking!
I asked her about how she and her husband met, her inspiration,
and how much she loves doing what she does ;)

Perla take it away:

Hi everyone!!
Chris and I met way back in junior high,
we both went to the same school,
and he even dated one of my friends way back then!
But we've been friends ever since.
In high school we hung out a few times,
but it was never anything serious.
In fact, I think he even had a little crush on me
back then but he'll never admit it :)
We went on a few dates in high school
but it wasn't the right time for anything huge to happen.

After high school Chris and I went our separate ways:
he worked and worked, and I just spent
all my time with my family,
and it was the best!
We started dating again after I had sent him a text asking him how he was.
(He had just gotten out of a long-term relationship,
but I was happy to hear he was single :) )

We texted back and forth and went on an official date
in May 2010 and we've been together ever since.
We were married in the Mesa Temple November 5, 2010.
I'm so in love with him,
he's a wonderful husband and I'm truly happy everyday.

I am also a photographer
My inspiration is good art, other people's photos,
my husband,
my love of the Savior
and the church to which I belongs to ;)

My rates are these:
$50 for an hour session
(including seniors, family less than 7 people, portraits)
$75 for engagement photos and family portraits with more then 7 people
(about 1-2 hours)
$75 per hour for weddings, bridals, receptions, and quinceaneras.
All include a disc of photos both edited and not,
I can also do a package of printed photos too.
You just need to let me know :)

I'm extrememly flexible with scheduling to make it less stressful on you,
especially for weddings and such :)

I'm also willing to travel if travel expenses are covered for me,
but I'm stationed in Arizona.

To contact me, here's my email:
perlis13 {at} hotmail {dot} com

Thanks Perla!!

You can find her photography blog here,
and for her fun life blog go here

28 March 2011

Miracles do happen

Even if they aren't always the ones we want at the time.
Ethan passed on to eternity
Saturday morning,
but the miracle was that his entire family
was able to come and say goodbye,
and now they are all here for
each other through this tough time.

Wednesday is his funeral,
and my husband and I will be there,
seeing as they are basically family to us too,
but if you as my readers would please just keep
Ethan's family in your thoughts.
We loved this little boy,
and we know that now he has found all of his friends
that have gone on before him,
and is probably challenging them all in their games.
Ethan was very big on games ;)

Even in the wake of a tragedy,
I have felt the Spirit so strongly
and felt my Savior's love for me
and for the Ellsworth family.
I know that Ethan has moved to a better place,
and now he's free and happy ;)

I know my Heavenly Father loves all of his children,
and knows us by name.
He sees our trials and helps ua in every way,
even if we don't always see it at the time.
Everything happens for a reason,
and Ethan was needed on the other side to help Him
make more miracles ;)

Plus Ethan's mom is curently pregnant,
due in July.
I think Ethan wanted to train his new baby brother
personally ;)

I mean just look at this kid's smile!
We'll miss you Ethan and we love you forever ;)

26 March 2011

Just needed to be said

I wanted to take an oppotunity to say that
I love my husband so much!

He has been my rock,
and the love of my life.
We've been going through some tough things
over the last few weeks and without
his strength I certainly would be lost,
or feel completely depressed.

Granted, I've had plenty of crying fests
and dirtied more than a couple of his shirts,
and through it all,
Andrew will just hold me and tell me how much he loves me.

I am truly blessed.
I love my eternal sweetheart ;)

BTW, I love the fact that when we are both depressed,
we gorge on the chocolate ;)
No wonder we need some bigger pants

24 March 2011

Update and opportunity??

I thought I'd give you a little update on Ethan,
just as far as I know anyways.

He was breathing a bit on his own yesterday,
and coughing a bit,
which was good news,
and then his vitals did crazy things last night
but he's stable now.

So the prayers are helping!
Please continue them in his direction ;)

On another note,
I've been thinking of doing some guest posts here.
Would anyone be wanting to do one?

I also have been thinking of maybe getting some
software to start designing my own blog backgrounds.
Only thing is I don't want to pay for classes
to learn how to use the stuff.
So anyone have experience with this kind of thing?
Wanna help me out or give me advice on
which software I should purchase?

And if anyone is interested in doing a guest post email me:

abowler.88 {at} gmail {dot} com!

22 March 2011

Heavy heart and prayers needed

My blogger friends,
I'm heavy-hearted as I write this.

Our family friend's 7 year old son is in the ICU
after suffering an AVM
(arterio venous malformation) on Sunday night.
It was completely unprecedented,
and devasting.

He's on life support, and it's not looking well.
There's a 30% chance of him even waking up.

Ethan is such a sweet boy,
please just keep him in your thoughts,
as well as his family.
He has an older brother, a younger sister,
and a baby sibling on the way.

Please.....he's basically one of my surrogate brothers,
all thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

21 March 2011

Disney project

Ok so I've been working on a project
since last year and this trip to Disneyland
helped me almost finish it.

When I first moved out to work at Disneyland,
they sold these park maps that are huge,
and have a ton of characters along the border,
and all the lands represented, etc.

So I've been getting signatures,
and now I am adding attraction pins to the map
and am gonna get it framed to hang up in the house ;)

So here's a picture without flash and with flash,
depending on which is easier to see ;)

And when we went, I wanted to get our silhouettes
cut out on Main Street.
I think they turned out really well don't you??

P.S. The middle frame was originally $200,
but I got it for $42!
It has pins in it from the park too ;)
I fell in love with it and Andrew let me purchase it.

It's now hanging in our bedroom,
and once the other map is framed it will be hung there too ;)

I can't wait for it to be finished!! ;)

20 March 2011

Back to reality

So now that Spring Break is officially over,
it's back to reality......

Hahahahahaha oh well.
It's only like 64 days or so til summer ;)
Relaxing on this trip has given me enough juice
to help me get through the 64 days.

I'm excited to see my little ones tomorrow,
and to work at the Disney Store ;)

It's been a way fun week and I'm excited for other trips
Andrew and I will take together. ;)

Everyone else have a good week??

19 March 2011

Spring Break pictures!

So basically my Spring Break ROCKED!
Andrew and I had so much fun together ;)

So let me give you the run down:

As we started out Sunday morning:

Yes that's only part of our junk food we had for the trip BTW..

The first sunset we saw at the condo in San Diego:

My husband and my father-in-law are big fans of sunsets.
I have a lot more pictures of them hahahaha

The line as we got to Disneyland on Monday morning!

But totally worth it and fun!

With Morgan on the tram going to Company D

Lucky for us, Morgan was willing to take our picture in front
of the entrance for us ;)

We had to see Captain EO of course!
Micheal Jackson saving the world with his dancing powers ;)

This is right across from where Andrew
officially proposed,
but there was a ton of people there
and we didn't want to wait,
we all knew where it happened hahahaha

Jordan tried to take my Goofy pin on my lanyard....

And I mean REALLY tried hahahaha
But I won!

We had to take a picture of the three of us together ;)
The old Disney Store crew ;)

The second day we ate in DCA and had bread bowls.
My dad especially liked them hahahahaha

My grandmother apparently never taught
him not to play with his food ;)

My brother actually was enjoying himself,
he just likes to pose unhappily.

My cute mom ;)

And now Trevor ponders hahahaha

Aren't we so cute sometimes!

Ok so the last day we were there,
I wanted to see Rapunzel.
I waited in line for over an hour before she even
opened to be sure I got to see her.
Now this wasn't cuz I'm a crazy fan,
it's because I was told 10, when in reality,
she came at 11.
But it didn't matter ;)

See how stinkin cute she is!?
Flynn was late, but we got to wait for him and he signed my map too!
But we didn't get to take a picture with him... :(
oh well ;)

In line for Peter Pan!

Peter Pan is my favorite fantasyland ride and we wait
for it no matter how long ;)

Our family tradition picture on Sapce:

We're gonna send it to Nick so he's feels loved ;)

Andrew saw this in one of the stores and laughed so hard,
he had to take a picture of it ;)

So I trade pins at Disneyland.
Yeah I'm one of those people ;)
So after this trip, Andrew and I took all our pins out
and re-organized them.
Here's what it looked like after taking them all out

It was so much fun organizing them ;)
And yes, I got Andrew a little hooked on trading ;)

So we went to Anthony's Fish Grotto on Thursday,
and I don't do fish.....
like at all,
but they had a teryaki steak that was divine!
But my favorite part was my salad,
on a fish plate.

Awesome right??
Yeah it was delicious.

On Friday,
Andrew, my father-in-law, mother-in-law, and I went
to the Cabrillo Lighthouse.
It was super cool, and fun to see the tidepools,
and watch the ocean crash on the cliffs.

Once we climbed all the way up the freaking mountain,
and got to the actual lighthouse,
I stopped and let Andrew take the camera to document inside
the lighthouse while I strained for breath.
I'm a little out of Disneyland shape,
and therefore completely out of walking uphill shape.

Once we got back to the condo,
we just chilled:

I finished editing a book for a friend,
Andrew is almost done with it too,
we had such a fun time at Disneyland,
spent time with both families,
and enjoyed some us time together.

Overall, I say a pretty good week ;)

Now to deal with these closets....