24 February 2011

Wedding dress

Ok so I have this wedding dress....
what do I do with it??
(and technically right now it's in my parents house)

I don't wanna like cut it up or anything,
but will my daughter(s) want to wear it later?
That's the true question to which I have no answer.
Does anyone else have this issue??
I could really use some ideas on what to do with my dress....



  1. I would try and sell it!!! I am sentimental but having it put away doesnt gain anything. I am a firm believer of using what i have after attending a wonderful relief society meeting on this subject. Another suggestion would be to have blessing outfits made from it as then the dress would be put to use and how wonderful to bless your children in such an outfit and maybe pass it down the generations..just a thought!!!

  2. i still have mine in my closet- and i put it on every once in a while! :) i love my dress. We should have a wedding dress party.

  3. You can pay to have it put in one of those keepsake boxes to keep it safe and all that. Mine's just hanging in my closet. Lol.

  4. Hehe. I like Lcurls' idea to have a wedding dress party! Haha.


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