20 February 2011

Valenitne's Date

Ok so I said I was gonna take all these nice pictures and everything
and didn't.
Yeah I know lame.
Well I did take these but I forgot to take a picture of my outfit
and way cute hair ;)

Cafe Rio...
I have a love affair with their pork salads and burritos.
It's ok y'all,
Andrew's in on it too.

And yeah, I took these after we had started eating it

But Andrew gave me a Bath and Body card
as well as that beautiful rose he surprised me
with on Monday.
Overall, it was a wonderful first
Valentine's Day as a married couple.


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  1. Everyone is always talking about this place, it must be pretty amazing! Too bad I don't live anywhere near one, cause I really love mexican food (is it a mexican restaurant? I don't even know).


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