08 February 2011

Some cute DIY ideas

Ok so I'm not the best DIYer...
I really want to get better at it though.
I've had a lot of time on my hands tonight,
so I've been looking up some cute ideas
for fun stuff to make.

First off:

Aren't these ladybug oreos adorable??
The tutorial for that here
Definitely makin those for Valentine's Day!

Remember my post on Tangled?
These next 2 are based on that movie:

Pascal the chameleon cupcakes!
Aren't they so cute!?
And super easy too!
Tutorial here

Rapunzel's weapon of choice!
A frying pan :)
It's a necklace or you can make it into a keychain
(that's what I will probably do)
or bracelet.
Directions for that here

Another good place I've found for DIYers is
The Idea Room
Amy is the author and she's very talented.
I just wish I knew how to do everything.
This is her latest project:

Check out that tutorial here

Hope that gives you some ideas if you're looking
for something fun to do.
I'm gonna try and do the Oreos and the towels next ;)
Probably do the Tangled stuff when it comes out next month

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