16 February 2011

Red Robin and Life

Just a few things lately :)

Andrew started school again:

Doesn't he just look so chipper?
It's only 6:45 AM after all...

One of our favorite places to eat is Red Robin.
Most of you know of its awesomeness.
For those of you that don't know its amazing power of delish,
go NOW!

I always get the Banzai Burger:

Yes, that's pineapple friends.
On a burger,

The husband wanted to give me a smile and this is what he gave me:

And this is the redo I demanded:

Isn't he just super cute?
Andrew has a few burgers he goes between.
He picks ones depending on whether I'll let him kiss me afterwards.
It's awesome!

For our Valentine's Day date,
he took me to another one of my favorite places.
Cafe Rio!
I'm simple in love with their pork salad and burritos.
Chips and salsa are amazing too :)
And I'll post pictures of our date soon!

But they do feature these:

Aren't they awesome!?
Got them at Shoelicious in the Fiesta Mall
for $15!
And yay for cheap cuteness!



  1. Please change your font...super cute but SOOOOO hard to read. Love hearing about your life

  2. Your new characters in your heading are super cute! And cute boots!
    We miss you at church!


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