19 February 2011

Random wants

Ok I'm going to be random.
Prepare yourself.
Are you prepared?
Sitting on the edge of your seat?
Good :)

Let me start with my newest guilty pleasure:
Thin Mints

Ok so it's really not a new guilty pleasure
but I definitely have 8 boxes
in my freezer curently.......
and I wish I had more.....
hahahahahaha ;)

Next on the list of things I want

Oh yes friends.
The new iPhone now that it's on Verizon
not the crap AT&T.
I wants it bad.....

Now you're probably wondering why on earth a Mac person
has a HP on their list of things they want right?
Well, let me fix that curiosity for you.
It's not for me.
It's for the husband.
His laptop broke before we got married,
and so he's had to use my beloved Lola
(yes, my computer has a name nbd)
and makes fun and complains about her.
So I want him to get one so he'll leave mine alone!

I really want more black frames:

I really want these for my Disney lithographs
to hang on the wall.

I also really wanna start cooking again.
I just get so tired after working 2 jobs
that I never want to do anything.
Yeah I know lazy bum!
I'll get right to work on that k promise ;)

Oh and let me just say right here:
25 days til Disneyland!!!!!
I'm so excited!!!


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