09 February 2011

Parents/First Love

Ok so I told you I would combine some,
and I felt like these were good to combine since your parents
are always there for you,
and help you get through the heartbreak of the first love.

Therefore appropriate ;)

So my parents:

Aren't they just adorable to start off?
My dad was a film major in college,
met my mom when he was 25,
while working at a movie theater ;)
(They were both working for the theater)
Even after an awkward first date,
mom cut her spaghetti and everything,
they continued dating.
6 weeks later they were engaged.
Although when my dad proposed my mom wasn't sure it had actually happened.
Not from shock mind you,
from how he said it.
At first it sounded like a breakup, and she was all
"Oh great....I really liked this guy"
And then he said
"I think we should be together forever" and sped off in his car,
leaving her at her doorstep
wondering what had just happened.
we still haven't let him live that one down ;)

They got married December 29, 1987
and 10 months later to the day
I came ;)

My parents are pretty much the best.
They are so supportive,
funny, sweet, loving,

And I have never heard them fight in the 22 years I lived with them,
not even argue really.
They are close to the Lord, and love me and my brothers
more than anything
and we always know it ;)
No matter how annoying we are ;)

Now as to the first love.
I have had many,
real and fantasy ;)
So let me just give you a couple:
Westley from Princess Bride,
Luke and Han from Star Wars,
Indy from Indidana Jones,
Kyle from my 1st grade class,
the boy across the hall in 7th grade
(never knew his name),
my first real boyfriend junior year,
and many many others.

Needless to say,
I've gotten most of them
I still have the fictional character loves and those are awesome ;)
Kirk and Spock from Star Wars,
Peter from Narnia,
Jude Law,
Christian Bale,
Christopher Reeve,
Aragorn from LOTR,
Edward Scissorhands,

Anyways ;)
Hope this was somewhat entertaining for you

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