17 February 2011

The newest apartment additions!

I thought I should update how nice and homey
our apartment is becoming now :)

So first off.
This is now hanging on our wall with wedding pictures
and our Family Proclamation:

This is hanging in our bedroom wall:

Another bedroom wall:
We love this clock!
It's so nice and big and easy to read
and that picture is one of my favorite ones of the Savior.

One other frame we received as a present
and it's also hanging in the bedroom:

I finally put up my movie posters!
And let me tell you that this isn't even 1/3 of the ones
I had before I moved out to Cali!

Fun fact:
I've had this Little Mermaid poster since it came out on VHS
forever ago.
Therefore it's really old and worn
but still looks so awesome am I right??

So just some fun new things to show off :)

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  1. LOVE the font, so much easier to read...thx for listening


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