11 February 2011

Love/Best Friend

I'm not so sure if I'll do everything on that list,
but I do like some of the ideas on what to post about.
Like today's:
Love and BFFs.

Mine happen to be one and the same:
my husband.

Isn't he so handsome?
I'm supposed to define love and talk about my bff.
Well ok ;)

Love is:
breakfast in the morning when I didn't ask for it,
a foot massage after a long day at work,
holding me when I cry,
watching our favorite movies together and laughing hysterically through them,
singing music at the top of our lungs,
driving with the windows down,
writing little notes on our mirror/whiteboard,
praying together every night,
randomly waking up in the middle of the night and talking,

Sound like a good description??
I don't think I'll ever get breakfast in bed cuz I'm always up before him.
But we have a good old fun time just being together,
and being married ;)

Andrew is most definitely my best friend.
I can talk talk to him about anything.
He always makes me feel better,
and tells me how much he loves me.
It's basically the best relationship I've had ;)
And it's an eternal one,
even better ;)

I know that I'm the luckiest girl in the world
to have my best friend also be my
husband and love of my life.



  1. I like how you say "waking up in the middle of the night and "talking"

    Sure... you talked... lol!!

    jk. just poking fun

  2. wow.. good to see ur blog, yes ur hubby looks really cute and handsome :), and just by seeing u both together it felt like u are soulmates , and after seeing u both together and reading about how much u love him and how much he takes care of u, and after seeing such sweet couple i am also getting a hope that i will also get a soulmate one day and i will also be a happily married girl in life :).


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