12 February 2011


So remember my centerpiece I did
around Christmastime?
(Over here)
Well I redid it today to go for Srping and probably summer too.
Eventually I'll have to come up with something for autumn.
Ideas are helpful!

Look at it now:

I'm proud :)
Now I definitely need to go get some more marbles
to fill it to the top but for now it's not too shabby :)
And yes,
those are leftover flowers from my reception hahahaha
But Noelle, aren't you happy that your
present is getting used year round??

Ok so break this down for ya:
flowers - $1 per pack
marbles - $1 per pack
vase - present from Noelle
ribbon - Wal-Mart $1 Christmas stuff

I'm super proud!
And next on the list is that
Rapunzel frying pan necklace!
Only I'm making it into a keychain :)


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  1. You' re welcome. It's definitely a good thing I picked that for you.


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