22 February 2011

Disney's Fantasia

I was sick this past Saturday...
with the glorious rain and wind outside
I was super bummed
but I needed to sleep off whatever it was
That had decided to ruin my Saturday.

Now I usually watch Bambi as my
"sick movie".
Andrew and my parents can attest to this.
But Andrew gets tired of watching it all day.
Don't blame him,
so we watched a couple different ones.
The only one that I could actually relax and fall asleep
to was Fantasia.

I love this movie.
I grew up watching the dinosaurs and the centaurs
and Mickey getting into trouble.
And it truly is magical.
I know the music is classical and been around for
hundreds of years but let's admit it,
we all remember them cuz of the cartoons the artists drew.

Now if you haven't watched Fantasia ever,
or in a really long time,
I definitely suggest you revisit its magic.
I loved Fantasia 2000 also.
Same magic and the same cool things drawn.
If you loved it as much as I do
pick it up from your local Disney Store or retailer
before it goes into the Vault in April!!


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  1. I was just talking to my husband about Fantasia! I love that movie! I decided while watching World of Color Saturday night that I needed to buy it, and I need to see Fantasia 2000. Can you believe I've never seen it?? Me neither. Hope you're feeling better!


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