23 February 2011

Dinner at Maggiano's

So on Monday we went to Maggiano's with Andrew's family,
and surrogate sister, Jamie and her boy Joe ;)
If you've never been to Maggiano's GO!

When there's a big group of us we eat family style
which is getting 2 of everything on this one part of the menu.
Oh man full!

Here are some pictures I googled of our food cuz I didn't take real
ones hahahahaha

Haley could basically only eat a couple things like this:
Coach Joey's Z Pasta

We all enjoyed the 4 cheese ravioli:

The Chicken Francese:

Stuffed Mushrooms

Fried Zucchini
(sidenote: I didn't eat them cuz I'm not a fan
but they were a table pleaser)

Ceasar salad

Chopped salad

Pound cake!

Creme brule

Overall, I love the food,
but man I was not prepared for it.
You see, you have to have the mindset for Maggiano's.
Gotta ration each portion and not eat lunch beforehand

Here's us afterwards:

We were all moving a little slower and more lethargic
after the gorging hahahahaha
and yes, that is my mother-in-law trying to jump in ;)
And yes, my husband is now sporting a goatee.
I kinda think it's hot ;)


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