26 February 2011

Books and me

Remember this blog post?
About my end goal in life??
I still really want to do this.

I have always loved the feel of old bookstores,
with ladders and old leather-bound
Andrew and I went to the old bookstore on Main St
like a month ago and I felt
like I was home in that store.
I know, kinda weird but true.

So again,
I want to open a bookstore eventually.
Obviously I want to have my family first
and once all of them are in school,
then I can really start hopping on this
and making it a reality ;)

25 February 2011

Blog block

I'm having some real issues figuring out what to write.
I don't want to start writing things just to
make people listen but still,
I'd like some feedback from you that read this.

I don't even know who some of you are hahahaha
and I know that some people don't "follow" me,
and that's fine.
But I always like to hear from people to know that I'm
not talking to thin air hahahahaha

Sorry if this sounds completely pathetic
but now you know....
I like comments hahahahaha


So if you guys have any ideas on anything you wanna hear about
let me know ;)

Being an old married person kinda makes me boring I'm sure
but still, I like to try to make things
entertaining for y'all ;)


24 February 2011

Wedding dress

Ok so I have this wedding dress....
what do I do with it??
(and technically right now it's in my parents house)

I don't wanna like cut it up or anything,
but will my daughter(s) want to wear it later?
That's the true question to which I have no answer.
Does anyone else have this issue??
I could really use some ideas on what to do with my dress....


23 February 2011

Dinner at Maggiano's

So on Monday we went to Maggiano's with Andrew's family,
and surrogate sister, Jamie and her boy Joe ;)
If you've never been to Maggiano's GO!

When there's a big group of us we eat family style
which is getting 2 of everything on this one part of the menu.
Oh man full!

Here are some pictures I googled of our food cuz I didn't take real
ones hahahahaha

Haley could basically only eat a couple things like this:
Coach Joey's Z Pasta

We all enjoyed the 4 cheese ravioli:

The Chicken Francese:

Stuffed Mushrooms

Fried Zucchini
(sidenote: I didn't eat them cuz I'm not a fan
but they were a table pleaser)

Ceasar salad

Chopped salad

Pound cake!

Creme brule

Overall, I love the food,
but man I was not prepared for it.
You see, you have to have the mindset for Maggiano's.
Gotta ration each portion and not eat lunch beforehand

Here's us afterwards:

We were all moving a little slower and more lethargic
after the gorging hahahahaha
and yes, that is my mother-in-law trying to jump in ;)
And yes, my husband is now sporting a goatee.
I kinda think it's hot ;)


22 February 2011

Disney's Fantasia

I was sick this past Saturday...
with the glorious rain and wind outside
I was super bummed
but I needed to sleep off whatever it was
That had decided to ruin my Saturday.

Now I usually watch Bambi as my
"sick movie".
Andrew and my parents can attest to this.
But Andrew gets tired of watching it all day.
Don't blame him,
so we watched a couple different ones.
The only one that I could actually relax and fall asleep
to was Fantasia.

I love this movie.
I grew up watching the dinosaurs and the centaurs
and Mickey getting into trouble.
And it truly is magical.
I know the music is classical and been around for
hundreds of years but let's admit it,
we all remember them cuz of the cartoons the artists drew.

Now if you haven't watched Fantasia ever,
or in a really long time,
I definitely suggest you revisit its magic.
I loved Fantasia 2000 also.
Same magic and the same cool things drawn.
If you loved it as much as I do
pick it up from your local Disney Store or retailer
before it goes into the Vault in April!!


20 February 2011

Valenitne's Date

Ok so I said I was gonna take all these nice pictures and everything
and didn't.
Yeah I know lame.
Well I did take these but I forgot to take a picture of my outfit
and way cute hair ;)

Cafe Rio...
I have a love affair with their pork salads and burritos.
It's ok y'all,
Andrew's in on it too.

And yeah, I took these after we had started eating it

But Andrew gave me a Bath and Body card
as well as that beautiful rose he surprised me
with on Monday.
Overall, it was a wonderful first
Valentine's Day as a married couple.


19 February 2011

Andrew's note

So my adorable wife is sick this morning....
how is it that it could possibly make her cuter?
I have no idea how, but it does.
(She doesn't agree of course).
I honestly like taking care of her (cooking for her especially)
and this does make it easier to do things for her
without too much resistance.
She always does take care of me so
a change of pace is nice. :)
I love her, hope all of you readers know that much by now.
So here's Andrew's short post "in for Ali".
Hope you all enjoy my little bit of mushiness while you wait
for the next post from the one you really want to hear from.

Random wants

Ok I'm going to be random.
Prepare yourself.
Are you prepared?
Sitting on the edge of your seat?
Good :)

Let me start with my newest guilty pleasure:
Thin Mints

Ok so it's really not a new guilty pleasure
but I definitely have 8 boxes
in my freezer curently.......
and I wish I had more.....
hahahahahaha ;)

Next on the list of things I want

Oh yes friends.
The new iPhone now that it's on Verizon
not the crap AT&T.
I wants it bad.....

Now you're probably wondering why on earth a Mac person
has a HP on their list of things they want right?
Well, let me fix that curiosity for you.
It's not for me.
It's for the husband.
His laptop broke before we got married,
and so he's had to use my beloved Lola
(yes, my computer has a name nbd)
and makes fun and complains about her.
So I want him to get one so he'll leave mine alone!

I really want more black frames:

I really want these for my Disney lithographs
to hang on the wall.

I also really wanna start cooking again.
I just get so tired after working 2 jobs
that I never want to do anything.
Yeah I know lazy bum!
I'll get right to work on that k promise ;)

Oh and let me just say right here:
25 days til Disneyland!!!!!
I'm so excited!!!


17 February 2011

The newest apartment additions!

I thought I should update how nice and homey
our apartment is becoming now :)

So first off.
This is now hanging on our wall with wedding pictures
and our Family Proclamation:

This is hanging in our bedroom wall:

Another bedroom wall:
We love this clock!
It's so nice and big and easy to read
and that picture is one of my favorite ones of the Savior.

One other frame we received as a present
and it's also hanging in the bedroom:

I finally put up my movie posters!
And let me tell you that this isn't even 1/3 of the ones
I had before I moved out to Cali!

Fun fact:
I've had this Little Mermaid poster since it came out on VHS
forever ago.
Therefore it's really old and worn
but still looks so awesome am I right??

So just some fun new things to show off :)

16 February 2011

Red Robin and Life

Just a few things lately :)

Andrew started school again:

Doesn't he just look so chipper?
It's only 6:45 AM after all...

One of our favorite places to eat is Red Robin.
Most of you know of its awesomeness.
For those of you that don't know its amazing power of delish,
go NOW!

I always get the Banzai Burger:

Yes, that's pineapple friends.
On a burger,

The husband wanted to give me a smile and this is what he gave me:

And this is the redo I demanded:

Isn't he just super cute?
Andrew has a few burgers he goes between.
He picks ones depending on whether I'll let him kiss me afterwards.
It's awesome!

For our Valentine's Day date,
he took me to another one of my favorite places.
Cafe Rio!
I'm simple in love with their pork salad and burritos.
Chips and salsa are amazing too :)
And I'll post pictures of our date soon!

But they do feature these:

Aren't they awesome!?
Got them at Shoelicious in the Fiesta Mall
for $15!
And yay for cheap cuteness!


14 February 2011

Valentine's Day

I'll be honest,
I pretty much despise this holiday.
Even with having a husband.
Well, let me qualify that:
I love that it's all about love and each other,
but really.......
pink, teddy bears, super sappy cards, jewelry,
and being all nasty lovey dovey in public?
No thank you.
I'll pass.

But I will tell you what I do love:
I love flowers.

They're so nice to have in the house,
and just brighten up my day.
I know that flowers are part of the cliche Valentine's Day,
but I get them more than just one day a year,
so I think I'm ok.
I love getting notes on the whiteboard from my husband
saying he loves me.
I love getting a kiss after we pray together,
a text when I'm feeling down at work,
cuddling together watching a movie on Sundays.
I love going to church together,
and going to the temple together,
feeling the Lord's love for us and our love for each other.

Example here:

So yeah, the commercial Valentine holiday is stupid.
But I'm a huge fan of love :)
And my love :)

Loves to all! Mwa!


12 February 2011


So remember my centerpiece I did
around Christmastime?
(Over here)
Well I redid it today to go for Srping and probably summer too.
Eventually I'll have to come up with something for autumn.
Ideas are helpful!

Look at it now:

I'm proud :)
Now I definitely need to go get some more marbles
to fill it to the top but for now it's not too shabby :)
And yes,
those are leftover flowers from my reception hahahaha
But Noelle, aren't you happy that your
present is getting used year round??

Ok so break this down for ya:
flowers - $1 per pack
marbles - $1 per pack
vase - present from Noelle
ribbon - Wal-Mart $1 Christmas stuff

I'm super proud!
And next on the list is that
Rapunzel frying pan necklace!
Only I'm making it into a keychain :)



I miss being social.
Being out with my friends,
going to a movie with my husband,

Or even having people over to just hang out and talk.
When I'm not working, and Andrew is,
I'm home alone.
Usually watching Without a Trace or Criminal Minds.
I just miss having that social interaction,
ya know?
Just sayin.
Sometimes being stressed in life just sucks.


11 February 2011

Love/Best Friend

I'm not so sure if I'll do everything on that list,
but I do like some of the ideas on what to post about.
Like today's:
Love and BFFs.

Mine happen to be one and the same:
my husband.

Isn't he so handsome?
I'm supposed to define love and talk about my bff.
Well ok ;)

Love is:
breakfast in the morning when I didn't ask for it,
a foot massage after a long day at work,
holding me when I cry,
watching our favorite movies together and laughing hysterically through them,
singing music at the top of our lungs,
driving with the windows down,
writing little notes on our mirror/whiteboard,
praying together every night,
randomly waking up in the middle of the night and talking,

Sound like a good description??
I don't think I'll ever get breakfast in bed cuz I'm always up before him.
But we have a good old fun time just being together,
and being married ;)

Andrew is most definitely my best friend.
I can talk talk to him about anything.
He always makes me feel better,
and tells me how much he loves me.
It's basically the best relationship I've had ;)
And it's an eternal one,
even better ;)

I know that I'm the luckiest girl in the world
to have my best friend also be my
husband and love of my life.