16 January 2011

We've now been married a month!

It's now been an official month since
Andrew and I were sealed ;)
I've never been so happy in my entire life!

The day we got married it had started raining,
and I was discouraged
because our reception was outside!
But then I thought about it,
isn't it like the best luck in the world
to have rain on your wedding day??
We decided it was.
Plus Andrew and I have always liked the rain,
so it seemed fitting that it would rain on our big day ;)
And luckily, it stopped raining
long enough to have our reception
and have our first dance and my daddy/daughter dance ;)

Andrew is truly the best guy in the world.
He cooks me food all the time
(most of that will stop this week though cuz of school and work
and does the dishes for me.
He gives the best back rubs in the world!

And I know he loves me.
He shows me everyday by the simple little things:
saying "good morning" as we wake up,
hugs me when I truly need it,
and tells me he loves me everyday multiple times ;)

I love that we are a happy little family,
even if it is only the two of us for now.
We're so happy and so very much in love
and it'll stay that way through eternity ;)

And yes,
I still blush when someone asks my name
and I say "Ali Mills" ;)


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