24 January 2011

Things I'm drooling over currently

I've been wanting new clothes for a long time.
Especially now after going through
the temple I've needed some new
skirts and dresses.

I've discovered DressBarn as my newest place of love!
It's the only place I've been able to find
long enough skirts in my size.
Being wide in the hips makes shopping a pain,
but they have stuff that totally fits and makes me look good ;)

Now that I have discovered a fun place to shop,
I've found other things I've been drooling over
and want really bad.
You know, like once Andrew and I are millionaires

I fell in love with this top:

Isn't it so cute?!
And long which I love!
Found on eBay,
might get it later on ;)

This adorable dress from DressBarn:

Remember how I love red and this long skirt is wonderful!
I saw this in the store and swooned.
But it's gonna have to wait til it's on sale
cuz $60 is just too much to spend.....

I love this hat:

Also at DressBarn.
Will probably buy it cuz it's so darn cute!
(of course only if the husband is ok with it)
Can't you just see the cuteness it will add to any outfit?

I need a pair of these:

Brown boots.
This color but not necessarily with the weird buckles...
I have an outfit that needs these boots and black leggings.
Of which I have neither so,
please someone let me know if there's a killer sale somewhere
(I mean really killer not like on sale for $50)
or gift them to me ;)

Is this dress not amazing:

I mean just look at it!
Super cute,
in my size,
good for church,
long skirt.
Need I say more?
Oh yeah on eBay for $10!
Might be getting that one too...
later on ;)

These are just some of the things I'm drooling over currently.
I'll do a post of the new clothes
I actually have purchased as soon as I can get
Andrew to take the pictures for me hahahaha


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