30 January 2011


It's weird to think we've only
been married a little over a month.
Probably because we've been together a lot
longer than that to begin with.
People have been asking me how it feels,
or how it's going.
it's not much different for us.
Just now we sleep in the same place,
and have to share a car.

But other than that,
we're just like we were when we were dating.
It's kinda funny actually.
Andrew and I always say that we never had a
"honeymoon phase".
And we really never did.
Dating and now married,
we still banter
(borderline bicker sometimes)
and make sarcastic comments to each other.
It just wouldn't be us
if we were all lovey-dovey all the time.

Now by all means, don't think
that we don't love each other,
cuz trust me we do.
And we do cute newlywed things every now and then.
We like to cuddle and watch Castle
(or any movie really)
and we like to cook together.

Like I said, it's just weird to think
we've only been married a month.
I feel like we've already gone through a lifetime with him ;)
But I'm all for a thousand lifetimes
as long as I'm with Andrew
(see that right there?
Lovey dovey cute newlywed hahaha)

Any other people felt this way when you first got married?
Or are we freaks? hahahaha


1 comment:

  1. nope, me and Ethan never really did either, but its not a bad thing,its more because your comfortable with each other already! trust me.. me and Ethan will have been married two years next month- and it feels like a lot longer! :) Im actually glad your not in that stage- cuz quite frankly it can get annoying;) haha


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