26 January 2011

New Threads

So here are pictures of my new threads ;)

I absolutely LOVE this jacket!
Just look at how cute it is!
$20 at DressBarn

And shirt 1:
$10 at DressBarn

Shirt 2:
thrifted at DressBarn for $10

Dress 1:
$9 at Wal-Mart

Dress 2:
$15 at DressBarn

Just imagine a belt where my hands are
and it makes this dress so much
cuter no?

I am just in love with these new clothes.
It helps me feel a little better about myself.
I've always wanted to be cuter
(in clothes anywyay)
and now I feel like an all-new person
married and all ;)

I especially love my purple dress cuz it's
twirly and super comfy ;)

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