15 January 2011

My inheritance

Ok so when I got married,
I inherited many things:
A husband,
a sister,
another family,
and every Nintendo system except the original.

Hahahahahaha yes friends.
My husband is a NIntendo freak.
so am I ;)

To start, the Super Nintendo:
I LOVE the old school awesomeness
of the Super.
My favorite game on it is Yoshi's Island,
and then Andrew introduced me to Tetris Attack.
And man, I like that one too
even though Andrew kicks my trash every single time.
(anyone that wants to challenge him,
PLEASE let me know and beat him to smithereens mmmk?)

The N64.
I really only play this one game on it but it's
my FAVORITE game pretty much of all time.
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.
Again, old school.
I mean just look at that controller!

The Gamecube:
Andrew loves Paper Mario,
I play Animal Crossing.
I really like this game cuz it's not really a game so much.
You get a house and decorate it,
pay off loans, etc.
It's pretty much awesome and I play it all the time. ;)

After the wedding, we had enough money to get a Wii.
And we got this exact model too.
A red Wii that came with Mario and a red controller ;)
And as everyone knows,
I love red!

I know this is kinda random but
I felt like sharing my bounty with others ;)

Anyone wanna come play with me???

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  1. Get super bomber man off ebay. It is awesome and my favorite of all time. :)


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