28 January 2011

My awesome cousin-in-law

But basically my cousin cuz I don't believe in
so many in-laws and such and such
removed and blah blah blah.

My cousin has a blog
and she's come up with this
amazing idea for the year.
She's calling it
"The Shine Project"

Basically, it's to help people shine.
Inlcuding yourself.
She has these cute little necklaces
that she's making to help people remember the project.
Each of them is a little bit different
to help show that everyone is different
but can still shine ;)

She wants as many followers as possible
plus she's amazing!
She's got an awesome fashion sense and a way cute personality!
She's also a huge DIY person
and has the cutest things to make
and super easy
(which is good for me cuz I need simple in my life)
Her name's Ashley and here's her blog:

Check her out and follow her!!


1 comment:

  1. ali! you're too cute :) thanks girl!!! hey... do you make a "button?" like your happily ever after one? i need one baddd!!!


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