06 January 2011

Feeling nostalgic

Ok so I've been feeling very nostalgic
and jealous of everyone that's gone to Disneyland
in the past 4 months!
I have been dying to go back and visit.
I am feeling the definite need for some Mickey
in my life hahahahaha ;)

So most of you know I did the Disney College Program
from January to August 2010 in Disneyland
and loved it!
(well it was a love/hate relationship as with all jobs)
So I want to relive some of those awesome memories with you ;)

The College Program official picture

I finally saw Sleeping Beauty after 8 months of working there!
(and she's my favorite!)

My dad took this picture when my family came to visit.
Those letters are now gone cuz of the new entrance being built at DCA
(Disney California Adventure for those not cool
enough to know the acronym hahahahaha)

worked at the Grand Californian hotel for a pin event
(it was huge!! And way fun cuz I'm a pin person)

This was when my family dropped me off
in January.
We got to stay in the Disneyland Hotel cuz of Cast Member discounts!
And we ate at the character dining breakfast at the hotel
(Goofy's kitchen)

One of the best parts was getting to be in the park with no guests around!
This was taken after we toured the Fantasyland dark rides
(Peter Pan, Snow White, Pinocchio, Mr Toad)
My favorite thing was to walk around right before the park opened
and just enjoy the music and to be able to not be jostled
as you walked to your store to work.

The Partners Statue in the "Hub"

Inside the Dream Suite above Pirates of the Caribbean!
Morgan and I were geeking out the entire time
(and I might have cried a little bit....

My favorite Fantasyland ride is Peter Pan.
The ONLY time this doesn't have a line is when the park is closed.
Hence the picture ;)

Riding Space Mountain with the lights on!!
Best, coolest, awesomest thing ever!

First time on Splash Mountain.
Can ya tell by the terror on my face hahahahaha

Morgan and I liked to take pictures on rides.
This would be on Big Thunder Railroad
and yes, we are nuts ;)

Ok so my friend Chris (the white guy)
had never been on Indiana Jones
which is MY favorite ride of all time
(I even loved it so much that I left my phone in it somewhere,
luckily Indy found it and gave it back)
so we dragged him on it and took a picture in the pitch black queue
blinding us and everyone around us for a good 30 seconds

Morgan and I bought the carmel apples in Critter Country
cuz they were 50% off and were delicious!
Yay for being Cast Members!!

Best part though was getting engaged at the park!
Sunset in front of the castle.
Yeah you can gasp and "Oooooh precious"
cuz it was awesome!

This is where Andrew officially proposed but
we forgot to get a picture of US there.
But I figured a picture of me sufficed the need ;)
It was mostly for my parents to see where it happened ;)

I can't wait to go visit in March!!!
I've been having serious withdrawal issues
of both Disneyland and my former roommate Morgan
so I'm super excited to go visit both places!!

Anyone have any special memories of Disneyland
or just Disney in general to share??

(P.S. For more info on the Disney College Program go here
For more of MY adventures go here
And why I love Disney so much, go here)

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  1. I love your pictures! I've been looking into the Disney College Program now for a couple of years. Still wanna do it! I'd love advice :)


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