31 January 2011

Disney's "Tangled"

Ok so who saw this movie already??

Meet Rapunzel.
Sassy, 18-year-old budding artist.
And dying to get out of her tower.
Flynn Rider.
The most wanted thief in the kingdom.
Found in said tower
and gets roped into taking Rapunzel into the world....
quite against his will.

Rapunzel's best friend.
And a chameloen.
Perfect friend to play hide 'n' seek with yes?

Her weapon of choice is a frying pan.
Who'da thunk it would prove so useful and

They have start an fun and crazy journey
that sparks an unlikely friendship
between two strangers

And of course there's Maximus,
the head of the guard horses ;)
And almost like a bloodhound.
He's pretty much the funniest part
of the movie and I thoroughly love him

My all-time favorite part of the whole movie!
Along with the song that is sung during
this part ;)

The reason I'm posting this today is because starting today
you are able to pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray of the movie
at your local Disney Store!
You get lithographs for pre-ordering too!
(that's my favorite part!)
Oh and a coupon to use when you come pick up the movie!

Oh yeah and one more thing,
this doll:You can also pre-order her today!!
She's a limited edition of 5000 worldwide!
And absolutely gorgeous!

So head to your local Disney Store
(or here at DisneyStore.com)
to pre-order your copy of Tangled!!
It's so worth it and such a cute movie!


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  1. Your blog is super cute! I like the font! I still haven't seen Tangled!


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