22 January 2011

Books and their magical abilities

As most of you know,
I am a huge book fan.
I've read tons and I love getting new suggestions.

I just read the Lightning Thief series:

After I finished these,
I was like WHOA!
Pretty much awesome
(if you watched the movie, book is MUCH better)
Deals with Greek mythology and the god's
demigod children ;)

I was actually really sad when they ended,
I wanted to read more and more about these characters!
And lo and behold,
this came out:

It's technically a new set of people BUT
my fave characters are still in it yay!!!
The way that Rick Riordan writes
is just incredible.
I literally cannot put the book down when I pick it up!
It's amazing and I love it!

I love when I can pick up a book,
and I get transported to a different world.
I love that I can forget everything around me
and just disappear, figuratively,
for a few hours and get "lost" ;)

Now here's where you come in friends:
I NEED book recommendations!
Like bad......
I love reading my old faves but I want something new.
So what have you read lately
and tell me about it ;)



  1. You should definitely read his book the Red Pyramid!! It's just as good! :D

  2. I really liked The Book Thief and The Help recently.

  3. You could read Eric's book, especially if you give him feedback. He is keenly interested in people's opinions. You like fantasy right?

    I have read the first book in that series. Much better than the movie. My only issue is that he starts out 12, if only he had been a little older...


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