31 January 2011

Disney's "Tangled"

Ok so who saw this movie already??

Meet Rapunzel.
Sassy, 18-year-old budding artist.
And dying to get out of her tower.
Flynn Rider.
The most wanted thief in the kingdom.
Found in said tower
and gets roped into taking Rapunzel into the world....
quite against his will.

Rapunzel's best friend.
And a chameloen.
Perfect friend to play hide 'n' seek with yes?

Her weapon of choice is a frying pan.
Who'da thunk it would prove so useful and

They have start an fun and crazy journey
that sparks an unlikely friendship
between two strangers

And of course there's Maximus,
the head of the guard horses ;)
And almost like a bloodhound.
He's pretty much the funniest part
of the movie and I thoroughly love him

My all-time favorite part of the whole movie!
Along with the song that is sung during
this part ;)

The reason I'm posting this today is because starting today
you are able to pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray of the movie
at your local Disney Store!
You get lithographs for pre-ordering too!
(that's my favorite part!)
Oh and a coupon to use when you come pick up the movie!

Oh yeah and one more thing,
this doll:You can also pre-order her today!!
She's a limited edition of 5000 worldwide!
And absolutely gorgeous!

So head to your local Disney Store
(or here at DisneyStore.com)
to pre-order your copy of Tangled!!
It's so worth it and such a cute movie!


30 January 2011


It's weird to think we've only
been married a little over a month.
Probably because we've been together a lot
longer than that to begin with.
People have been asking me how it feels,
or how it's going.
it's not much different for us.
Just now we sleep in the same place,
and have to share a car.

But other than that,
we're just like we were when we were dating.
It's kinda funny actually.
Andrew and I always say that we never had a
"honeymoon phase".
And we really never did.
Dating and now married,
we still banter
(borderline bicker sometimes)
and make sarcastic comments to each other.
It just wouldn't be us
if we were all lovey-dovey all the time.

Now by all means, don't think
that we don't love each other,
cuz trust me we do.
And we do cute newlywed things every now and then.
We like to cuddle and watch Castle
(or any movie really)
and we like to cook together.

Like I said, it's just weird to think
we've only been married a month.
I feel like we've already gone through a lifetime with him ;)
But I'm all for a thousand lifetimes
as long as I'm with Andrew
(see that right there?
Lovey dovey cute newlywed hahaha)

Any other people felt this way when you first got married?
Or are we freaks? hahahaha


28 January 2011

My awesome cousin-in-law

But basically my cousin cuz I don't believe in
so many in-laws and such and such
removed and blah blah blah.

My cousin has a blog
and she's come up with this
amazing idea for the year.
She's calling it
"The Shine Project"

Basically, it's to help people shine.
Inlcuding yourself.
She has these cute little necklaces
that she's making to help people remember the project.
Each of them is a little bit different
to help show that everyone is different
but can still shine ;)

She wants as many followers as possible
plus she's amazing!
She's got an awesome fashion sense and a way cute personality!
She's also a huge DIY person
and has the cutest things to make
and super easy
(which is good for me cuz I need simple in my life)
Her name's Ashley and here's her blog:

Check her out and follow her!!


26 January 2011

New Threads

So here are pictures of my new threads ;)

I absolutely LOVE this jacket!
Just look at how cute it is!
$20 at DressBarn

And shirt 1:
$10 at DressBarn

Shirt 2:
thrifted at DressBarn for $10

Dress 1:
$9 at Wal-Mart

Dress 2:
$15 at DressBarn

Just imagine a belt where my hands are
and it makes this dress so much
cuter no?

I am just in love with these new clothes.
It helps me feel a little better about myself.
I've always wanted to be cuter
(in clothes anywyay)
and now I feel like an all-new person
married and all ;)

I especially love my purple dress cuz it's
twirly and super comfy ;)

24 January 2011

Things I'm drooling over currently

I've been wanting new clothes for a long time.
Especially now after going through
the temple I've needed some new
skirts and dresses.

I've discovered DressBarn as my newest place of love!
It's the only place I've been able to find
long enough skirts in my size.
Being wide in the hips makes shopping a pain,
but they have stuff that totally fits and makes me look good ;)

Now that I have discovered a fun place to shop,
I've found other things I've been drooling over
and want really bad.
You know, like once Andrew and I are millionaires

I fell in love with this top:

Isn't it so cute?!
And long which I love!
Found on eBay,
might get it later on ;)

This adorable dress from DressBarn:

Remember how I love red and this long skirt is wonderful!
I saw this in the store and swooned.
But it's gonna have to wait til it's on sale
cuz $60 is just too much to spend.....

I love this hat:

Also at DressBarn.
Will probably buy it cuz it's so darn cute!
(of course only if the husband is ok with it)
Can't you just see the cuteness it will add to any outfit?

I need a pair of these:

Brown boots.
This color but not necessarily with the weird buckles...
I have an outfit that needs these boots and black leggings.
Of which I have neither so,
please someone let me know if there's a killer sale somewhere
(I mean really killer not like on sale for $50)
or gift them to me ;)

Is this dress not amazing:

I mean just look at it!
Super cute,
in my size,
good for church,
long skirt.
Need I say more?
Oh yeah on eBay for $10!
Might be getting that one too...
later on ;)

These are just some of the things I'm drooling over currently.
I'll do a post of the new clothes
I actually have purchased as soon as I can get
Andrew to take the pictures for me hahahaha


22 January 2011

Books and their magical abilities

As most of you know,
I am a huge book fan.
I've read tons and I love getting new suggestions.

I just read the Lightning Thief series:

After I finished these,
I was like WHOA!
Pretty much awesome
(if you watched the movie, book is MUCH better)
Deals with Greek mythology and the god's
demigod children ;)

I was actually really sad when they ended,
I wanted to read more and more about these characters!
And lo and behold,
this came out:

It's technically a new set of people BUT
my fave characters are still in it yay!!!
The way that Rick Riordan writes
is just incredible.
I literally cannot put the book down when I pick it up!
It's amazing and I love it!

I love when I can pick up a book,
and I get transported to a different world.
I love that I can forget everything around me
and just disappear, figuratively,
for a few hours and get "lost" ;)

Now here's where you come in friends:
I NEED book recommendations!
Like bad......
I love reading my old faves but I want something new.
So what have you read lately
and tell me about it ;)


20 January 2011

Dinner Party

So Andrew and I had Melissa and Devin
over for dinner last week as our first
real "dinner party".
The following are pictures of our cute table
if I do say so myself ;)

And my apartment was super clean!
And I wanted to prove it hahahahaha

I fell in love with the Family Proclamation
that was given to us from some awesome people in
Andrew's home ward
and our wedding pictures just totally compliment it.
(Don't worry, I have another frame for the other side,
I just have to attach the hangers to the frame itself)

BTW, dinner was stroganoff
that Andrew made and it was delish!
It was a super fun night and we really enjoyed having the Garcias over ;)
I look forward to having more friends over ;)

(this would be the part where y'all start telling me
when you wanna come over and chill with us ;) )


18 January 2011

Seductress of Sweets is back!

So I've really felt like I needed to bake something.
I've been feeling the need for awhile,
but haven't been able to just do it.

Too tired or whatever ya know??

Well Saturday night, while Andrew was at work,
I made my famous
peanut butter chocolate chip cookies ;)
Ah 'twas bliss!

And so it begins ;)

The delicious dough ;)
I'll admit that I eat a TON of the dough....
it's just so yummy I can't help it!
Now I do actually own this timer
but I forgot to take a picture of mine
and it's a pain to re-upload things hahahahaha
BTW this timer is awesome!

And my totally amazing Mickey spatula!
(Thank you mama!!)

Don't they look yummy???
Excuse me as I salivate a bit here.....

And there they are!
All cooled off and waiting for me to consume!
Anyone want the recipe?
Here ya go:
(This is from a Betty Corcker cookbook but I customized it)
1 1/4 c. flour
3/4 tsp. baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 c. packed brown sugar
1/2 c. peanut butter
1/2 c. buter or margerine
1 egg
1/2 tsp vanilla
chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375*
Mix the "wet" ingredients in one bowl: sugars,
peanut butter, vanilla, butter, and egg.
And "dry" ingredients in another bowl.
After mixing the wet add in the dry
and beat til fluffy.
Add as much chocolate chips as desired.
(I add a ton cuz I love chocolate hahaha)
Then roll into balls on an ungreased cookie sheet.
(I still grease mine just cuz I hate things sticking
to my sheets and getting all nasty)
The book says to cook for 10 minutes,
and if you like them more crunchy and done then go for it.
(I do mine for 8 minutes cuz I like them squishy)

Something to look forward to:
Mint Chocolate bark!
I'm super excited to try it once I get the ingredients!! ;)

And if you want to know the reason for the name
Seductress of Sweets look here


16 January 2011

We've now been married a month!

It's now been an official month since
Andrew and I were sealed ;)
I've never been so happy in my entire life!

The day we got married it had started raining,
and I was discouraged
because our reception was outside!
But then I thought about it,
isn't it like the best luck in the world
to have rain on your wedding day??
We decided it was.
Plus Andrew and I have always liked the rain,
so it seemed fitting that it would rain on our big day ;)
And luckily, it stopped raining
long enough to have our reception
and have our first dance and my daddy/daughter dance ;)

Andrew is truly the best guy in the world.
He cooks me food all the time
(most of that will stop this week though cuz of school and work
and does the dishes for me.
He gives the best back rubs in the world!

And I know he loves me.
He shows me everyday by the simple little things:
saying "good morning" as we wake up,
hugs me when I truly need it,
and tells me he loves me everyday multiple times ;)

I love that we are a happy little family,
even if it is only the two of us for now.
We're so happy and so very much in love
and it'll stay that way through eternity ;)

And yes,
I still blush when someone asks my name
and I say "Ali Mills" ;)