06 December 2010

I've been feeling creative

So I've been really wanting to do something creative.
Then at my bachelorette party my friend Noelle
gave me this awesome vase thing
that would be awesome to do something with.
And then an idea struck me as I was walking around Wal-Mart today.

I walked by the Christmas stuff
(waiting for the pharmacy to re-open had to kill time)
and saw these cute little ornaments
in different colors but I loved the red and silver the most.
And then it was a light bulb came on inside.
I could put them in the vase!!
And then I saw this really cool white flower thing that worked wonderfully
for the middle of the centerpiece.

And lo!
Here is the finished product!
I'm so proud of myself and I'm gonna make it a goal
to try to fix it up with new arrangements every so often.

a better angle on the flower

And it was super cheap too!!
The little ones were $3 and the bigger ones were $5.
Ribbon was $1 ;)

1 comment:

  1. ahh, ali!! those are great! Why are you so creative!?! and seriously only 3- 5 bucks?? I may come to you for ideas in the near future...


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