27 December 2010


Ok so we're officially married!
Basically best day ever ;)
But I don't have many pictures yet so
THAT post will have to wait a little.
BUT I have stuff from our cruise!
We went on a Caribbean cruise on the Carnival Inspiration
to Grand Cayman and Cozumel Mexico.
Super fun!
Here are a few pics to entertain you all ;)

The "levels" or decks ;)

The "Empress deck"

They apparently really wanted to try to be a Disney cruise
fake hidden Mickeys all over the place hahahaha

Andrew and I flat out guffawed over this sign

On our tender to Grand Cayman

A shot of where we would've come into port if possible

Cozumel Mexico

He was pooped out after all our runnings around
and apparently I was taking up too much space on the bed

My wannabe GQ husband hahaha so handsome

Room service!

Our "window"

The view from our hotel room ;)

The sunset in Tampa ;)

We had so much fun being together and spending time in
these fun places!
I look forward to more vacations together yay!

We're an old married couple now ;)


  1. Love it!!! :D

    Congrats again on your marriage! :D Hope everything is going well! :D

  2. Yeah, getting married basically makes you insta-old. You lose all ability to hang out with single friends or stay up late. (Well, not all, but alot of it.)

    You looked so very happy at your reception. I am so glad your day finally came. =)


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