28 December 2010

God's Creations

We recieved the DVD:
planet earth by Discovery
and I watched it today and was amazed.

Just think of how many creatures
are here on this earth.
In the ocean, the jungles, the mountains,
in the hills, and all over.

It amazes me how Heavenly Father created
all these animals
for us to see, to study, to understand.
And how they all have their own place
in the chain of life.
Everything in its place,
and living its purpose.

Whenever I look at the ocean or mountains,
I always feel so small.
But at the same time, I feel closer
to God by those big places
because I know He created them
and He knows little old me
even standing next to a giant mountain
or the endless ocean,
He sees me and knows my name.

I know this is kind of a weird post but
I just felt like I needed to
express my awe and gratitude
for God's creations.
Including myself, that He loves me enough
to show me all kinds of life,
and such majestic places for me to enjoy.

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