29 December 2010


Ok so it's kinda like Christmas and wedding stuff together
but more Christmas ;)
So I was gonna take my camera and take pictures of
what we got and everything and
I left the battery in the charger, not the camera......
Yeah I know.


So from Haley we each got a smell.
Andrew's is this:And mine is this:

And they both smell delish!!
Which is a big deal where Andrew is concerned cuz cologne
does NOT mesh very often with him.

Who remembers these???

Probably one of my favorite parts of Christmas.
These things are yummy beyond all reason
and Andrew and I both got one.

Gift certificate to my favorite restaurant!

Ok my mom got the stuff but I got the bag!
It was Bath and Body's special bag this year.
It's actually a lot cuter in person promise.

My grandparents gave us a piggy bank full of money!
It was awesome!
($104 of awesome!)
We counted it on the floor and everything

We got a popcorn popper for our wedding!

I basically have enough bakeware to start my own bakery

A kick butt Shark iron!

And pyrex!
Always good for baking and cooking fun things ;)

We got so many wonderful gifts and ornaments!
I'm so grateful for those that gave to us
and are helping us start out ;)

How was your Christmas??

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