01 November 2010

Our weekend in Utah and my lame-o birthday

So last weekend Andrew and I took a trip up to Utah
to visit his companions and for me to meet them ;)
Super fun!
And do I have any proof that I met them?
Cuz we are lame and forgot our camera to document hahahaha

But it was so much fun to meet all the Utah comps ;)
Well most of them anyway.
Staying with Chad and Anais was definitely the most fun I've had in a long time
(check out their blog here).

Just a taste of what happened:
-introducing me to Argentine food
(delish BTW)
-driving all around Provo, Sandy, and Murray
-going to PPT for some crazy times
-meeting Andrew's MTC district
(yes, he was the only non-Utahan hahahaha)
-a quad ride up a mountain to see the city lights
-freezing in the rain and cold

And again, I apologize for the lameness that is us for forgetting our camera.

And then this past Friday was my birthday.
And at 1 in the morning, I woke up
throwing up......
and it continued all day.
Happy 22nd birthday to me right?
BUT Andrew was super amazing and stayed with me all day.
Helped me sleep and made me toast hahahahaha
So the day of the birthday sucked but it would've been worse if not for him
and my mom making me toast first thing
when she got up that morning and giving me hugs
(and all the birthday texts from my buddies).

Today it made up for the lameness though.
When I walked into my classroom,
the kids all yelled "Happy Birthday Miss Ali!"
It's amazing how good 17 5-year olds can make you feel.
A couple of them had presents for me
(a pencil, leftover Halloween candy, etc)
and they had all made a poster for me and cards too ;)
Those kids just light up my life and I'm so happy I get to work with them everyday!

22....I feel so old!
I know I know I'm supposedly super young
but I feel old.
My little brother is on a mission,
my baby brother is 15 and involved in more activities just this year
than I have been in my entire life!
Oh and I'm gaining a sister that's in college!
Hahahahahaha crazy.....

I remember looking back on my 21st birthday and thinking I hadn't done much.
And now after my 22nd I've done a ton:
-worked at Disneyland
-work in kindergarten
-learning Spanish little by little
-got engaged
-have friends cross country
-now been officially been on a road trip
and I'm sure there's more ;)

I'm super happy with how my life is.
I know I complain sometimes but overall,
it pretty much rocks ;)
Not gonna lie.
Not to mention the fact that we get to take our bridal pictures on Saturday ;)
I can't wait for Andrew to see my dress ;)

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  1. I didn't realize we were the same age! Weird!

    Isn't that library amazing? It looks exactly like Beauty and the Beast.


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