13 November 2010


So this week my mom and I focused on cake and reception decorations.
Mainly speaking, the centerpieces for said reception.

And they turned out so super cute!!

I mean HELLO!!
Cuteness in a jar ;)

And you wanna know how super easy it was??
SUPER easy!
I'm sure a lot of you know how to do this already
but I'm gonna tell y'all anyways cuz I'm excited about it!
My first DIY project hahahaha
(well my first successful DIY project)

1. So you take your basic canning jar cuz they're super cheap,
wash them on the outside (and inside if you so desire).

2. While they're drying look on the computer for designs you like
and then print them out on label/sticker paper.
(You can also use just regular stickers but we didn't find any
cute big letter stickers for our particular project)

3. After the jars are dry, apply the sticker to wherever
on the jar you wish and make sure it's on firmly.

4. With a can of frosted glass treatment
(buy it at Micheal's for 4 bucks)
spray about 10-12 inches away from you
and continuously around the jar.
Now do this part in a well-ventilated place mmk?
We did it in the "dining room" area in our house
and I think I'm still high from the fumes hahahahaha
The jars won't look frosted after you spray them.
It takes about 10 minutes before the effect happens
but don't panic it's ok!

5. After they feel dry just peel off the sticker and there ya have it!

5 easy steps and really it was super cheap and fun to do!
Now I will also tell you that my mom and I
bought like 4 cans of the frost thinking we'd need it.
We did 36 jars on one can and still have some left over.

It was super fun and they are so stinkin cute!
(And after the wedding I'll have 36 jars with "A"'s and "M"'s on them.
Anyone want some?? hahahahaha)
And we just added ribbon on the top to make it cute.
The lights inside are those fake little tealights that are battery-operated.
Got them at Cosco for like 30 bucks for 30 lights.
(Differing sizes too)

Oh I'm so excited!!
The wedding is only 4 1/2 weeks away!!
Stressful and exciting all at the same time ;)

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