22 November 2010

Bridal Shower

So this past Saturday I had my bridal shower.
Ya know, the one where ward people come and such?
Yeah, it was super fun!

Look at how cute the food table was!

And a candy bar!!
(Do you notice the cuteness on the shelf above??
Andrew and I are adorable if I do say so myself hahahaha)

Ok so ignore my ugly face and look at that adorable apron I now own!!
I am simply in love with it!

I wore it the rest of the time cuz it was so awesome!

One of the lovely ladies that threw the shower needed someone to hold the baby,
I gladly volunteered cuz he's stinkin cute!
And super mild ;)

I pretty much was ecstatic about this gift!
I know it's kinda blurry sorry,
but that's Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas DVD
and it also came with mugs, hot chocolate, and a cookie jar
All Mickey and Minnie ;)
Super amazing!
Thank you Ences!!

I'm in love with these canisters.
Anyone else??
I'm definitely putting candy in these and doing some sort
of cute arrangement in my kitchen with them.
Any suggestions???

This was after I showed him all our loot
and this is also a typical Andrew picture.
Eyes slightly drunk and cheesy half-smile hahahahaha

It was such a fun shower and I got so many amazing things!
I couldn't be happier that my second mom and "older sister"
were able to throw it for me!
Thanks Kristen and Stephanie!

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  1. A candy bar!?! So fun!!! Thanks for sharing girlie! Definitely considering that for our favor idea!!!


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