09 November 2010

Almost that time of year!!

Well to me November is the start of everything Christmas and happiness ;)
Also my favorite time of the year, bar none.
November 1st is finally time for the Christmas smell.
Yeah I have a smell for Christmas. ;)

This smell is by far my favorite thing in the whole world.
It smells like sugar cookies and carmel.
I mean HELLO!
Amazing and delicious!

We also took our wedding pictures on Saturday
(yeah I know a little early but I want some of them at the reception so HA!)
Andrew looked so handsome ;)
He walked up in his tux and I kinda melted a little.
Ok maybe a lot hahahaha
and no I'm not gonna post pictures yet cuz it's still 6 weeks away.
But here's a preview of my hair to pacify ;)

Just imagine it without the little piece refusing to stay put.
(hair spray works wonders)

And then today I went to Deseret Book cuz I've been needing new scriptures,
my set from Seminary is starting to fall apart
(sad day...)
Plus I thought
"Hey now I can put my soon-to-be-married name on my scriptures! Woot!"
And yes friends.
I did ;)

I think it can now be official.
The scriptures say so hahahaha ;)
And yeah they're little.
I like them little.
MUCH easier to carry around church now.

And as we're starting to get closer to the holidays,
I realize how lucky I am.
I have loving parents that deal with me,
brothers that are crazy and annoying but keep me entertained,
grandparents that are such strong examples,
two jobs that provide for my needs (and occasional wants),
friends that help keep me grounded,
a testimony that helps keep me strong when times are rough,
a loving fiance that is soon-to-be my eternal best friend.

I'm so grateful for everything in my life.
Trials included.
I couldn't have become who I am if not for those experiences.
I'm especially grateful for a Heavenly Father that cares for me,
knows me by name and gave His only Son to help save me.
I'm not perfect, far from it actually,
but through Christ and the Father I can live with Them again.
And that is something to be truly grateful for.

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  1. First of all, thank you for sharing your testimony! You are amazing! Can I be YOU when I grow up? Can't wait to see the wedding pictures! That hair looked beautiful!!! Ah! SO exciting!

    PS: have you smelled the newest fall/winter scents from B&BW? i'm in love with "leaves" and "holly berry". they make my house smell like a boutique.


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