02 October 2010

My crazy happy life

So yeah, life's a little nuts right now.

But it's all in a good way and it's just gonna get better.
I mean, I'm planning a wedding ;)
working two jobs,
and trying to re-kindle a social life hahahahaha.

My two jobs keep me pretty busy
but boy am I happy to finally be back at the Disney Store.
I feel like I'm at home again now ;)
There's still some Disney in my life now yay!
And Andrew deals with me and my crazy Disney whims.

I love my kindergarteners.
They are so stinkin cute and crazy.
But even on the bad days,
they are just so sweet and truly do care about you
that sometimes it doesn't matter that it was a rotten day.
It just matters that I was able to teach them,
even if they don't remember it tomorrow,
a little bit more to help them in the future.
Especially since I'm in an ELD class again,
so they're trying to learn English as well as just how to go to school.
But they are the sweetest kids.
Always have a hug ready for me when I walk in the door in the morning
and a "silent" wave as I leave in the afternoon ;)

I feel so honored to be their aide.
They call me teacher which is cute
and to some extent I am,
but Hope is an amazing teacher.
She really knows these kids and how they learn.
I'm really happy to be working with her.

My Disney family!
Gosh how I've missed them all!
It felt so good putting on my nametag
and walking into the store ready to work.
And I get to work with costumes again!
I come home covered in "pixie dust"
aka glitter from the dresses.
But it's still a load of fun and the people are great ;)

My family has been so amazing and supportive
and I know that they always have my back.
Nick is finally in Philly and he looks great!
We got a picture of him with his mission president
and he looks so excited and eager.
I couldn't be more proud of my little brother ;)
He's going to be such a great missionary!

Trev is involved in 3 plays right now!!
Crazy boy!
He's in EVCT's Emporer's New Clothes,
stage managing AYT's Little Women,
and is Ichabod Crane in his school's production of Sleepy Hollow.
Crazy child!
I only see him every now and then but I'm proud of him too.
He's going after his dreams and taking them by the head ;)
He's very talented and I couldn't be happier for him.

I also, of course, have an amazing fiance.
I talk about him a lot because he's the love of my life
and he makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl
and the most special.
And I love him for that ;)

I have a crazy filled life but I have so many things to be happy about ;)
And I love my crazy happy life ;)

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