08 October 2010


Many of you know of my Disney obsession,
and yes it is an obsession.
But I don't care ;)

After running to the store to get bubble wrap,
and some delicious-smelling candles,
I came home and watched
Beauty and the Beast
(my newest addition to my Disney collection).
Boy did it remind me of childhood,
and I remembered why I loved it so much.
The Beast is my favorite character
and I love that Belle reads and fights back with him.
Just makes feel good that she's not gonna take anything
from a spoiled brat ;)

And while I was watching and wrapping things
(my snowglobes for easier transportation)
I thought of the future.
When I have little girls that want to watch princess movies,
which do I introduce them to first??
My favorite princess Aurora?
Or Beauty and the Beast for the Beast?
And then I just couldn't help thinking about how nice it will be
to have a family of my own ;)

And they will be raised to an extent with a love for Disney
because I will be their mother after all hahahahaha
and luckily Andrew likes Disney enough to put up with me ;)
And that's all that really matters in the end.

Thinking about picking up my wedding dress today just makes this
all seem so close and I get very excited!
I can't wait to marry my best friend and start our family
(whenever that happens)
At least for now, I need to help Andrew re-kindle the childlike flame
that Disney and Disneyland does to people ;)
And cuz he remembers nothing and has seen nothing hahaha

I can't wait to put on my dress again today
and see how amazing it makes me look ;)
I can't wait to see Andrew's face when he sees it!
It's beautiful and I feel gorgeous in it.
I'm the luckiest girl on the planet
to have Andrew as my best friend and love of my life ;)
He makes me feel pretty in my sweats,
which is saying somthing cuz I'm definitely not!

Only a little over 2 months left!!


  1. I have had the same thoughts! I cannot wait to introduce my family to the joys of Disney! So glad someone else is obsessed too :)

  2. i love reading older posts and then comparing them to today.

    You're having a baby like super soon!!!


    Gosh...and Idk which movie I would introduce first either...I think my first was Bambi..but honestly I don't really remember.

    you have time to decide though. :)


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