19 October 2010

Couple more chunks out of the way

First chunk: We have now secured our apartment!!
We'll be living in Coral Point apartments on Maine!
I'm so stinkin excited ;) ;)

The people there were really nice to us,
and after looking at one apartment we knew this was the place.
After about 2 1/2 hours in the office with paperwork and all,
we have our apartment and a move in date of Dec 1st!
(Just have the get a SRP account and internet set up before then)
I've been sitting in my room trying to figure out how to fit everything.
It's small but really nice for a first apartment ;)
I'm super excited for it!
Of course I'll put up pictures once we get to that point
(totally skipped my mind and then we couldn't after we signed cuz they were busy).

Second chunk was getting the tuxes reserved for the guys.
Again, the Mens Warehouse people are wonderful.
They didn't pressure us into anything,
didn't try to make us do weird combinations and it was just nice.
We just need to get the groomsmen all fitted within the next 3 weeks.
I think we can make that happen ;)

It's coming up so fast! 2 months!
That's it!!!
I'm excited but a little frazzled cuz there's still so much to do!
Luckily I have the best fiance ever.
He keeps my head clear and rubs my feet after rough days
which just makes the world that much better ;)

Things left to do:
-bridesmaids covers & shoes
-send out the announcements
-order the flowers
-do the centerpieces for the tables

I'm sure there's more I just can't remember them all right now hahahahaha

Third chunk: My wedding dress is now hanging in my brother's closet!!! ;)
(my closet isn't big enough or tall enough)
*giggle giggle*
I'm so excited!

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