19 October 2010

Couple more chunks out of the way

First chunk: We have now secured our apartment!!
We'll be living in Coral Point apartments on Maine!
I'm so stinkin excited ;) ;)

The people there were really nice to us,
and after looking at one apartment we knew this was the place.
After about 2 1/2 hours in the office with paperwork and all,
we have our apartment and a move in date of Dec 1st!
(Just have the get a SRP account and internet set up before then)
I've been sitting in my room trying to figure out how to fit everything.
It's small but really nice for a first apartment ;)
I'm super excited for it!
Of course I'll put up pictures once we get to that point
(totally skipped my mind and then we couldn't after we signed cuz they were busy).

Second chunk was getting the tuxes reserved for the guys.
Again, the Mens Warehouse people are wonderful.
They didn't pressure us into anything,
didn't try to make us do weird combinations and it was just nice.
We just need to get the groomsmen all fitted within the next 3 weeks.
I think we can make that happen ;)

It's coming up so fast! 2 months!
That's it!!!
I'm excited but a little frazzled cuz there's still so much to do!
Luckily I have the best fiance ever.
He keeps my head clear and rubs my feet after rough days
which just makes the world that much better ;)

Things left to do:
-bridesmaids covers & shoes
-send out the announcements
-order the flowers
-do the centerpieces for the tables

I'm sure there's more I just can't remember them all right now hahahahaha

Third chunk: My wedding dress is now hanging in my brother's closet!!! ;)
(my closet isn't big enough or tall enough)
*giggle giggle*
I'm so excited!

14 October 2010

My latest readings

Other than the tons of wedding books
I've been looking through for ideas,
I have finally finished a series I started when I was 9,
and started a new one that I've been dying to read.

So to start, I'll talk about the one I just finished this morning.
When I moved here to Mesa,
I spent a lot of time reading
cuz I didn't make friends right away.
We went to the library a lot,
and I've always been a fan of fantasy.
So when I saw Into the Land of the Unicorns by Bruce Coville,
I thought, heck why not?
It's very short seeing as it's the first in the series,
but I fell in love with it.
About a girl named Cara Hunter who is thrown into the world of Luster.
The world of the Unicorns.
But Cara is part of a terrible secret,
one she doesn't even know she's a part of yet.
It's just a truly magical world Coville creates.

Then I found the second one
Song of the Wanderer and loved it still more.
It was 3 times as long as the first one.
But then the third one wasn't even printed yet!
I was 11 and devastated because it didn't sum anything up!

A few years later, (more like 8 years)
my mom was working at MacArthur Elementary and called me.
"You'll never guess who's here doing a show for the kids!" She said.
"Who?" I said.
"Bruce Coville! Get your butt down here and bring your books!"
So I did and I got to meet him and
he signed all three of the books I had from him.
I asked him when the third book was going to come.
I had after all been waiting for it for years.
He blushed and said
"I'm ashamed at how long it's taken me to finally get it ready.
You are not the only one that has asked me about them.
You're also not the only one that has grown up before they were finished.
I promise it will be finished within the year."
And the third one was.
But apparently it wasn't the end!!!

I had to wait til this year when the fourth and final book came out.
A 12 year series!!!
But now it has finally ended. ;)
And it was the coolest ending ever!
If you have a little girl that is into fantasy,
give her the Unicorn Chronicles books.

Ever heard of the Great and Terrible Beauty series?
About a girl named Gemma who posses power beyond her understanding.
Her mother dies, but her spirit comes to try to teach her.
I finished the first one and am starting on the second.I really like them so far.
The girl that sold me the books told me they were her
"guilty pleasure books".
Which was not what I wanted to hear but they aren't like that at all.
I'm really excited about a new series that I can get into ;)
I needed something like The Hunger Games and this is just like it.
Keeps the suspense and is easy to read too.

What are you reading??
I love suggestions for the next thing on my list to read ;)

11 October 2010

Adding my voice

There's been a lot of chatter on Facebook
and other places saying that the LDS church hates
gays, lesbians, transgenders, and bisexuals.


All people are sons and daughters of God,
as such they are loved by us
and Heavenly Father and Jesus.
I have a few gay friends and
they are perfectly wonderful people.

While I believe that marriage is for man and woman only,
that doesn't mean that I think others are evil
for getting married.
I will not judge you for your beliefs,
and all people are loved by God.

I wish this world would see how you can't judge an entire people
based on a few horrid examples.
And sure, I know that there are some LDS people that are rude,
and condemning,
but does that qualify that my entire religion is that way?

In a perfect world, there would be no need to bully,
and make others feel like they are nothing.
As we wath the news and see more youth dying
after they proclaim their sexual orientation.
It's just so sad.
No I don't agree with some things,
but no one should be persecuted for their beliefs.
Or for how they are.

I know that we are all God's children,
He never leaves us all on our own
without help.
I know that He loves all His children equally,
how could He not??
He's our Father in Heaven.
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior,
and loves me and each individual person as well.
I believe that marriage is between man and woman.
I know that if we will find a way to stop
this bullying of youth in this predicament,
the violence will stop.

I know this is a little out of the norm for me to write,
but I feel like something should be said
for these kids that have lost their lives because of bullying.
And for the fact that some have been saying that the LDS church is responsible.
That's just not true.
Read our beliefs and there is nothing that says we
want to bully anyone for anything.
Visit Mormon.org or lds.org to get more info on our beliefs

08 October 2010


Many of you know of my Disney obsession,
and yes it is an obsession.
But I don't care ;)

After running to the store to get bubble wrap,
and some delicious-smelling candles,
I came home and watched
Beauty and the Beast
(my newest addition to my Disney collection).
Boy did it remind me of childhood,
and I remembered why I loved it so much.
The Beast is my favorite character
and I love that Belle reads and fights back with him.
Just makes feel good that she's not gonna take anything
from a spoiled brat ;)

And while I was watching and wrapping things
(my snowglobes for easier transportation)
I thought of the future.
When I have little girls that want to watch princess movies,
which do I introduce them to first??
My favorite princess Aurora?
Or Beauty and the Beast for the Beast?
And then I just couldn't help thinking about how nice it will be
to have a family of my own ;)

And they will be raised to an extent with a love for Disney
because I will be their mother after all hahahahaha
and luckily Andrew likes Disney enough to put up with me ;)
And that's all that really matters in the end.

Thinking about picking up my wedding dress today just makes this
all seem so close and I get very excited!
I can't wait to marry my best friend and start our family
(whenever that happens)
At least for now, I need to help Andrew re-kindle the childlike flame
that Disney and Disneyland does to people ;)
And cuz he remembers nothing and has seen nothing hahaha

I can't wait to put on my dress again today
and see how amazing it makes me look ;)
I can't wait to see Andrew's face when he sees it!
It's beautiful and I feel gorgeous in it.
I'm the luckiest girl on the planet
to have Andrew as my best friend and love of my life ;)
He makes me feel pretty in my sweats,
which is saying somthing cuz I'm definitely not!

Only a little over 2 months left!!

02 October 2010

My crazy happy life

So yeah, life's a little nuts right now.

But it's all in a good way and it's just gonna get better.
I mean, I'm planning a wedding ;)
working two jobs,
and trying to re-kindle a social life hahahahaha.

My two jobs keep me pretty busy
but boy am I happy to finally be back at the Disney Store.
I feel like I'm at home again now ;)
There's still some Disney in my life now yay!
And Andrew deals with me and my crazy Disney whims.

I love my kindergarteners.
They are so stinkin cute and crazy.
But even on the bad days,
they are just so sweet and truly do care about you
that sometimes it doesn't matter that it was a rotten day.
It just matters that I was able to teach them,
even if they don't remember it tomorrow,
a little bit more to help them in the future.
Especially since I'm in an ELD class again,
so they're trying to learn English as well as just how to go to school.
But they are the sweetest kids.
Always have a hug ready for me when I walk in the door in the morning
and a "silent" wave as I leave in the afternoon ;)

I feel so honored to be their aide.
They call me teacher which is cute
and to some extent I am,
but Hope is an amazing teacher.
She really knows these kids and how they learn.
I'm really happy to be working with her.

My Disney family!
Gosh how I've missed them all!
It felt so good putting on my nametag
and walking into the store ready to work.
And I get to work with costumes again!
I come home covered in "pixie dust"
aka glitter from the dresses.
But it's still a load of fun and the people are great ;)

My family has been so amazing and supportive
and I know that they always have my back.
Nick is finally in Philly and he looks great!
We got a picture of him with his mission president
and he looks so excited and eager.
I couldn't be more proud of my little brother ;)
He's going to be such a great missionary!

Trev is involved in 3 plays right now!!
Crazy boy!
He's in EVCT's Emporer's New Clothes,
stage managing AYT's Little Women,
and is Ichabod Crane in his school's production of Sleepy Hollow.
Crazy child!
I only see him every now and then but I'm proud of him too.
He's going after his dreams and taking them by the head ;)
He's very talented and I couldn't be happier for him.

I also, of course, have an amazing fiance.
I talk about him a lot because he's the love of my life
and he makes me feel like I'm the most beautiful girl
and the most special.
And I love him for that ;)

I have a crazy filled life but I have so many things to be happy about ;)
And I love my crazy happy life ;)