26 September 2010

Reality is hitting me now

Remember how I said that it doesn't really feel real
that I'm getting married?
Yeah kinda true.
It felt like a dream that I haven't fully woken up from.

And then we bought our wedding bands yesterday.
NOW it's real :)
I'm getting married to the most amazing man on the planet.
And yes, I'm completely biased!
We spent the entire day together yesterday running errands
(possibly have found where we're gonna live-YAY!)
and it was like
"Oh my gosh! We just bought wedding bands!
And we're getting married in 2 1/2 months!"
Holy dang cow!

Andrew is truly the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
He's my biggest fan and support through everything.
He's patient and listens to me rant,
holds me when I cry,
laughs with me at stupid things,
(like YouTube videos hahahahaha Old Spice commercials)
always has a hug ready for when I need it,
brings me ice cream and Dr Pepper on occasions that deem it necessary,
and I know he loves me.
He's my rock and I am the luckiest girl ever.

With the place we found to possibly live,
we made our budget and it works.
(scraping by the skin of our teeth but it works)
With both of us working we can make it,
and we couldn't be more excited to start our life together ;)
Merry Christmas to me!
I have the best present in the world ;)

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  1. You two are the most adorable thing ever! And trust me, even after the wedding... it still doesn't feel real :) But good job at getting your wedding bands so early, we got our 4 days before were married!


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