20 September 2010

Happy Thoughts

Ok so big happy news first:

I have a dress!!

Got it at David's Bridal
and it's gorgeous!

But obviously I'm not gonna put it up here
cuz the groom can't see it
(and quite frankly, I wanna surprise everyone)
just trust me when I say:
It's pretty ;)

We also got my bridesmaids dresses at David's
and they are so pretty!
Red with a flower under the bust line ;)
Super cute!

Happy thing number 2:

Andrew started officially at Best Buy!
We're both really happy about that ;)
Can't wait til those paychecks start coming too

Happy thing number 3:

I am now officially back at the Disney Store!
After much trial and tribulation,
Now I just need a shift hahahahaha ;)

Happy thing number 4:

Nick's doing awesome in the MTC!
But boy is he ready to go out to Philly hahahaha
he's kinda dyin with "nothin to do".
His quote not mine.

Happy thing number 5:

I have the BEST parents ever!
And grandparents ;)
They are so supportive and keep me on track
with everything.
Especially wedding-wise.
Helping me to de-stress and remember what is really important.
Being happy ;)

I am so blessed by the people in my life.
My parents, brothers, grandparents,
and my wonderful fiance ;)
I couldn't be more grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with
than I am right now.
"My cup runneth o'er".


  1. yay for good news. It is getting so close and you will not even know where time went when you get to say "I'm getting married tomorrow."

    It's also great that Nick is doing well =)

  2. I love your list of happy things! Its happy things that make life so good! And congrats! It is so great to hear how good things are for you! Yay!


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