09 September 2010

Hunger Games

Yeah I've become one of those people ;)
My family, fiance, and former roommate all talked about
these books so I finally decided to read them for myself.
At first I didn't think I'd like them
cuz everyone raved about how good they were,
and if it's hyped up too much I end up hating it.
Plus I didn't want another Twilight series.
(And for the record, I read Twilight before it got crazy. Just sayin)

After reading a few chapters in Hunger Games
I found I really liked it.
I fell in love with Peeta and Rue.
I am a definite Katniss fan.
A girl that kicks butt and stands up for what she believes in
is something we need more of in this world.
I cried for Rue and was happy
that Katniss buried her with flowers.
I think Peeta and Katniss' twisted relationship
ended for the better too.
As soon as I finished this one,
I hungered for the next one
(yeah I'm pretty punny ;) )

I can honestly say that I enjoyed Catching Fire
more than the first one.
President Snow freaked me out to the utmost!!
And roses are my favorite flower.....stupid bad guy.
Katniss became stronger in herself,
and when she realizes she has to go back
to another Games, eventually she accepts the fact
that she won't be returning.
I was still in love with Peeta.
He's just such a good guy,
even if he is a little clumsy and such.
I found I liked most of the other tributes
that were stuck back in the arena.
Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, Mags, Wiress.
I think I like Finnick the most though.
His sense of humor is just hilarious,
and the fact that he has a trident, awesome!
The ending was the most surprising thing I'd read so far.
Rescue?? Way cool!!But where's Peeta!?!?!?
I felt like Katniss, freaking out about him in a way.
And District 12 destroyed. Yikes!
Of course, as soon as I finished this one,
was next in line to be devoured.

What a great ending to the series.
I thought it was awesome!
I was getting rather annoyed with Katniss
over who she was going to choose to be with:
Gale or Peeta.
Sound like another saga to you??
But at least it wasn't even close to Twilight bad.
I think it was interesting of Collins to show
how messed up her characters were.
I mean, Katniss was going crazy
and needed sedation all the time,
Peeta was tortured and having hallucinations.
Haymitch back to liquor,
I mean wow!
Not many authors of popular books do that.
I really liked that fact.
And I was very very happy that
Katniss chose to stay with Peeta.
Gale never really suited her as more
than a friend in my opinion.

Now that I've finally read them I feel a little more
like I'm in some sort of club hahahaha ;)
What do you all think? Have you read them??
Did you like them?

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  1. I just read the first one and I'm on the second one and it was the same for me TIff told me for months to read it buuut I'm so glad I did I'm IN LOVE with this series :] miss and lover you!


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