13 September 2010

House decorating dilemma

I'm a little worried as to how I'm gonna decorate my house.

I mean, I'm all Disney/movies.
Andrew likes movies but doesn't have a billion
posters like I do hahahahaha
and he likes sports and games.
Video and board.

I feel like we're gonna be a perfect mesh of ideas.
Don't know how yet but somehow
I'll make it all come together.
Plus I'm hoping to get a picture of the temple
that we can hang on the wall in between wedding photos.
And our Disneyland silhouettes ;)
(Next time we go, he's getting his done)

Eventually, someday in the far future,
I want a library with the perfect reading chair.
You know, those old school overstuffed ones?
The ones you never want to leave,
especially when you're reading a good book ;)

So anyone have any ideas for me??
Like how to somehow mesh sports/movies/Disney/games
into something cute for me??

1 comment:

  1. Andrew can love sports all he wants... but I would not let him decorate the house with it if I were you.

    Just sayin


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