16 September 2010

3 Months!!!!!

3 months from today I'm marrying my best friend!
I can't believe we are so close
(and so far hahahahaha)

My life has been so blessed since Andrew came into it.
I had never felt so loved and special before
(and I still feel it)
He takes the best care of me.
On bad days, he's there with a hug
(and occasionally with ice cream)
and on the good days,
we can just laugh and talk for hours.
He knows me better than anyone
and I couldn't be luckier and happy he picked me ;)
I am a handful after all
but he still loves me YAY!
Only 3 months left!!!!


  1. next you will be like, Wow? we've been married a year?!? time flies. love the time now! you might miss it! heck! document the process of getting everything together, you'll appreciate it in the long run, when people ask you details abotu where you got things. I have had to do it a lot!

  2. Ali, congratulations! Being engaged is the best, and being married is even better! Ive almost been married a year, and I can honestly say its been the happiest day of my life.

    I do wedding videography, everything from receptions, the ceremony, filming the engagement photography session, temple exit, etc. I need to add more to my portfolio and if you are interested in having a wedding videographer, please let me know and I would do it for free (minus the cost of DVD's for you to keep, which is like $5.) Email me if you are interested!

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    Happy wedding planning!



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