26 September 2010

Reality is hitting me now

Remember how I said that it doesn't really feel real
that I'm getting married?
Yeah kinda true.
It felt like a dream that I haven't fully woken up from.

And then we bought our wedding bands yesterday.
NOW it's real :)
I'm getting married to the most amazing man on the planet.
And yes, I'm completely biased!
We spent the entire day together yesterday running errands
(possibly have found where we're gonna live-YAY!)
and it was like
"Oh my gosh! We just bought wedding bands!
And we're getting married in 2 1/2 months!"
Holy dang cow!

Andrew is truly the greatest thing that's ever happened to me.
He's my biggest fan and support through everything.
He's patient and listens to me rant,
holds me when I cry,
laughs with me at stupid things,
(like YouTube videos hahahahaha Old Spice commercials)
always has a hug ready for when I need it,
brings me ice cream and Dr Pepper on occasions that deem it necessary,
and I know he loves me.
He's my rock and I am the luckiest girl ever.

With the place we found to possibly live,
we made our budget and it works.
(scraping by the skin of our teeth but it works)
With both of us working we can make it,
and we couldn't be more excited to start our life together ;)
Merry Christmas to me!
I have the best present in the world ;)

20 September 2010

Happy Thoughts

Ok so big happy news first:

I have a dress!!

Got it at David's Bridal
and it's gorgeous!

But obviously I'm not gonna put it up here
cuz the groom can't see it
(and quite frankly, I wanna surprise everyone)
just trust me when I say:
It's pretty ;)

We also got my bridesmaids dresses at David's
and they are so pretty!
Red with a flower under the bust line ;)
Super cute!

Happy thing number 2:

Andrew started officially at Best Buy!
We're both really happy about that ;)
Can't wait til those paychecks start coming too

Happy thing number 3:

I am now officially back at the Disney Store!
After much trial and tribulation,
Now I just need a shift hahahahaha ;)

Happy thing number 4:

Nick's doing awesome in the MTC!
But boy is he ready to go out to Philly hahahaha
he's kinda dyin with "nothin to do".
His quote not mine.

Happy thing number 5:

I have the BEST parents ever!
And grandparents ;)
They are so supportive and keep me on track
with everything.
Especially wedding-wise.
Helping me to de-stress and remember what is really important.
Being happy ;)

I am so blessed by the people in my life.
My parents, brothers, grandparents,
and my wonderful fiance ;)
I couldn't be more grateful for all that the Lord has blessed me with
than I am right now.
"My cup runneth o'er".

16 September 2010

3 Months!!!!!

3 months from today I'm marrying my best friend!
I can't believe we are so close
(and so far hahahahaha)

My life has been so blessed since Andrew came into it.
I had never felt so loved and special before
(and I still feel it)
He takes the best care of me.
On bad days, he's there with a hug
(and occasionally with ice cream)
and on the good days,
we can just laugh and talk for hours.
He knows me better than anyone
and I couldn't be luckier and happy he picked me ;)
I am a handful after all
but he still loves me YAY!
Only 3 months left!!!!

13 September 2010

House decorating dilemma

I'm a little worried as to how I'm gonna decorate my house.

I mean, I'm all Disney/movies.
Andrew likes movies but doesn't have a billion
posters like I do hahahahaha
and he likes sports and games.
Video and board.

I feel like we're gonna be a perfect mesh of ideas.
Don't know how yet but somehow
I'll make it all come together.
Plus I'm hoping to get a picture of the temple
that we can hang on the wall in between wedding photos.
And our Disneyland silhouettes ;)
(Next time we go, he's getting his done)

Eventually, someday in the far future,
I want a library with the perfect reading chair.
You know, those old school overstuffed ones?
The ones you never want to leave,
especially when you're reading a good book ;)

So anyone have any ideas for me??
Like how to somehow mesh sports/movies/Disney/games
into something cute for me??

12 September 2010

Engagement Photos

Here's a few ;)

09 September 2010

Hunger Games

Yeah I've become one of those people ;)
My family, fiance, and former roommate all talked about
these books so I finally decided to read them for myself.
At first I didn't think I'd like them
cuz everyone raved about how good they were,
and if it's hyped up too much I end up hating it.
Plus I didn't want another Twilight series.
(And for the record, I read Twilight before it got crazy. Just sayin)

After reading a few chapters in Hunger Games
I found I really liked it.
I fell in love with Peeta and Rue.
I am a definite Katniss fan.
A girl that kicks butt and stands up for what she believes in
is something we need more of in this world.
I cried for Rue and was happy
that Katniss buried her with flowers.
I think Peeta and Katniss' twisted relationship
ended for the better too.
As soon as I finished this one,
I hungered for the next one
(yeah I'm pretty punny ;) )

I can honestly say that I enjoyed Catching Fire
more than the first one.
President Snow freaked me out to the utmost!!
And roses are my favorite flower.....stupid bad guy.
Katniss became stronger in herself,
and when she realizes she has to go back
to another Games, eventually she accepts the fact
that she won't be returning.
I was still in love with Peeta.
He's just such a good guy,
even if he is a little clumsy and such.
I found I liked most of the other tributes
that were stuck back in the arena.
Finnick, Johanna, Beetee, Mags, Wiress.
I think I like Finnick the most though.
His sense of humor is just hilarious,
and the fact that he has a trident, awesome!
The ending was the most surprising thing I'd read so far.
Rescue?? Way cool!!But where's Peeta!?!?!?
I felt like Katniss, freaking out about him in a way.
And District 12 destroyed. Yikes!
Of course, as soon as I finished this one,
was next in line to be devoured.

What a great ending to the series.
I thought it was awesome!
I was getting rather annoyed with Katniss
over who she was going to choose to be with:
Gale or Peeta.
Sound like another saga to you??
But at least it wasn't even close to Twilight bad.
I think it was interesting of Collins to show
how messed up her characters were.
I mean, Katniss was going crazy
and needed sedation all the time,
Peeta was tortured and having hallucinations.
Haymitch back to liquor,
I mean wow!
Not many authors of popular books do that.
I really liked that fact.
And I was very very happy that
Katniss chose to stay with Peeta.
Gale never really suited her as more
than a friend in my opinion.

Now that I've finally read them I feel a little more
like I'm in some sort of club hahahaha ;)
What do you all think? Have you read them??
Did you like them?

01 September 2010

I can't believe it's actually happening

Yeah so I'm getting married right?


I've thought about getting married a lot over the past 2 years
but now that it's here it's kinda hard
to realize that it's happening!
Now don't get me wrong,
I'm so excited to marry Andrew ;)
After all I have been waiting for this ;)
But because I'm so busy all the time
(or at least I feel like I'm always busy)
I need to remember WHY I'm making appointments with different people
to see things, reserving places, etc.

It's because I'm marrying my best friend in 3 1/2 months.
Because I love him more than anything,
and because we just can't wait til we can be together
for time and all eternity. ;)

I just love saying that ;)
Time and all eternity ;)
This weekend we're taking our engagement photos ;)
I'm super excited!
And tomorrow is flowers,
then next week temple clothes,
and the week after that MY dress.
I don't think it will fully hit me til I try on that first white dress.
(I'll be that typical bride on Say Yes to the Dress
that cries when they put the first gown on

I'm getting married!!