19 August 2010

I'm back!!

**Emily Merkley let me just say thank you
for kicking me in the butt to write again hahahahaha**

Well back home that is ;)
And boy is it NICE!

I missed my bed, my cats, my family,
homecooked meals hahahahaha.
I'm so glad I went to Disneyland but I'm so glad to be back ;)
Back in kindergarten with crazy kids,
soon-to-be back at the Disney Store workin with crazy characters.

So I officially graduated from the Disney University
with 2 Mousters degrees and a Duckterite.
Yep, you can call me Duckter Bowler ;)

Proof of me graduating:

I was so happy Andrew got to come!! It made it all perfect ;)

My BFF Sally-Marie from the program ;)

I was very sad to leave my apartment though.
I loved living on my own but soon I will be again ;)
Of course we had to do a couple roommate pictures
before we left now that Morgan has new rommates ;)

Such a fun experience.
Thank you Morgan for dragging me out there ;)

Now that I'm home though, wedding stuff needs to actually start!
AHHHH! So much to do and so little time.
Next on the list:
engagement pictures
dresses (bridesmaids)
fabric (for ties)

At least for now.
Of course the list goes on and on but it's exciting too ;)
I couldn't be more happy ;)
I get to marry my best friend and love of my life.
Life doesn't get much better ;)


  1. I love that dress with polka dots. Way cute.

    Don't stress about wedding planning yet. Just enjoy it. You have plenty of time to work. And it can all be fun =)

  2. Oh my gosh! So excited fo ryou, if you need help with ANYTHING just ask, I will do my best to help you out. I honestly loved wedding planning, till the last couple weeks when you start freaking about things being for sure done and together.

    Also so I am totally confused about the program thing you were in, you will have to explaion to me more. Sound really interesting!

  3. Obviously I'm stalking, but what is the University of Disney you speak of!?!? Loveeee your blog. Amen!


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